Why Isn’t Wellness Going Well For You?

Often, we talk about wellness. It’s this elusive goal that promises to make our lives better. Speak to anyone about improving your health or mental state, and they’ll start banging on about it. In truth, there’s good reason it’s such a commonly used term. If you get it right, it can change your life. You only need look at the testimony of those who have mastered it to see that. But, are we speaking about wellness in the right way? We may all talk about it, but do we know what it means anymore? And, if not, how are we supposed to get a grip on it?

Let’s take this back to basics. Wellness is, by definition, ‘the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.’. Still quite broad, but it at least gives us a slightly better understanding. Wellness is whatever it takes to get you healthy. Simple, you would think. Yet, many of us fail to get on with this idea. If you’ve started and stopped your journey towards this goal, you aren’t alone. Many of us have a patchy journey towards being able to call ourselves well.

Part of the problem is that we jump on other people’s wellness bandwagons. When few of us are sure what the term means, is it any surprise? We take inspiration from those who have succeeded. But, returning to that definition, wellness is about health, and that means something different to us all. So, when we follow other people’s journeys, it makes sense that things don’t work out.

The best way around the problem is to consider what wellness means to you. To do this, you need to confront what’s pushed you to make a change in the first place. Is it your mental, or physical health that’s causing problems? If mental, you’ll want to go down the meditation and yoga route. If health is the issue, diets and exercise are the best options.

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But, even then, you need to use these methods in the right way for you. There’s nothing wrong with following meditation guides, or opting to use a diet because someone else has proof that it works. But, you also need to adjust these to suit your personal journey. The more you learn about what you’re doing, the more you’ll be able to pave your own way. At the start, though, don’t be afraid to try things no one else seems to be doing. You might discover the thing you need!

Even after you’ve found your wellness path, you may find it hard to maintain motivation. This is another leading cause of failure. But, wellness isn’t an easy answer. It’s an ongoing struggle. Remember, by definition, it’s an actively pursued goal. If you feel your enthusiasm waning, return to the start of your journey. Remember what your motivation was way back when. Consider whether you need to readjust your methods. Over time, you may find you need to take a whole new wellness route!


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