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17 thoughts on “Ixora Botanical Beauty Holiday Giveaway

  1. E. Gab

    My must have body product during winter is definitely body butter. I have dry skin & need the extra moisture.


  2. Ashley

    i live for the twitter butter ladies! i love shea butter all year ’round. whipped in the summer, though.


  3. Heather ツ

    Rosehip Oil


  4. TatyanaJenene

    The cinnamon bun scent butter >>>>>> everything.


  5. Mary W

    Lip balm that is made from plant products. No petroleum for these lips!


  6. Patricia Brousseau Caradonna

    Lotion for my dry skin is a must have for the winter months.


  7. Susan Pertierra

    My must have body care product would be Aveeno lotion.


  8. Alona Young

    My must have is a heavy moisturizer to combat dry skin. And bright, fun eyeshadow to perk up my day!


  9. AfroMeatballs

    A good lotion and body butter combo. Bonus points if the body butter doubles as a great hair butter.


  10. courtney

    I’m a huge fan of them butters


  11. Grace Bertou

    Body butters feel so good on my skin! I also use an amazing anti aging moisturizer I really like (:


  12. judy o

    there is nothing better than a good body butter, and these seem awesome. again, thanks for the opportunity.


  13. KeikoKaveri

    A winter must have is body oil and body butter.


  14. Tamnificent

    needs! can never have too many body butter ^_^


  15. Rachel Beltz

    I NEED some form of chapstick and lotion! I would be a horrid, chapped, cracked, bleeding mess without the two!


  16. Annette

    I have to have shea butter during the winter.


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