Ixora Botanical Beauty Review And Giveaway

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I’ve been using this brand for over a month now and I am in love enough that I figured I would share with you guys the awesomeness that is Ixora BB.

Ixora BB, or Ixora Botanical Beauty was founded by a woman that I talk to often on Twitter that I know as Mercedes. Mercedes is just like me and you, with skin issues of her own, eczema and dry skin in particular. With a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a M.S. in Occupational Health and Safety, Mercedes’ dream career was to work for Johnson and Johnson, but because she felt the criteria was too stringent to acquire a position there. Instead of giving up, she vowed to create her own company and that’s exactly what she did. The company was named after the Ixora flower located on the beautiful island of St. Croix, USVI.

I’ve tried 2 of the 11 body butters offered on the site.

Jumbo Combo Body Butter $18.00

This is a unique blend of Shea butter mango butter, coconut oil, almond oil, argan oil, and vitamin E. This butter is great for all skin from the driest skin to the oiliest skin types. Another interesting feature of this butter is the versatility. You can use it on the skin and hair. I can testify to the skin aspect of the butter, giving me 24 hours of moisture and eliminating my dry skin patches. Some customers have praised product for fading scars and stretch marks, and becoming a miracle product to their natural hair. I got this one in the scent of coconut.

Whip It Up Shea Butter $14.00

This is the favorite out of the two that I own because of it’s light and fluffy texture. It’s whipped like heaven itself. Made with Shea Nilotica Butter, the softer sister of West African Shea, it absorbs faster. I got this one in the scent of pear vanilla because I wanted something to compliment my summer perfume.

Across the board, no matter what butter you purchase, I can assure you of a few things-

  • The butters are not greasy
  • The scents offered are all light and fragrant, not heavy or overpowering
  • Your skin will stay moisturized for well over 24 hours
  • One container will get you a month’s worth of use
  • A little goes a long way
  • All butters are cruelty free, some are vegan
  • There’s even a recycle program- turn in 5 empty jars, and you will get a 4oz product of your choice for free!

So what’s there not to love?

There’s so many different products to choose from with a very large selection of textures and scents, I decided to work with Ixora BB and let one of you guys try the two most popular products to date- Kissed By the Sun Sugar Scrub and the Ash Today Gone Tomorrow Body ButterUSA only.Ready? Set? GO ENTER!

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  1. Adina

    I need to try her products, everyone on Twitter is always ranting & raving about them.
    My recent post Sup?


  2. PBG

    I just entered to win. Thanks for hosting this giveaway. 🙂


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