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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Jackson, Mississippi? I imagine the average person would think about nothing at all, which is to be expected, but as a native of this city, there’s plenty of good things about the city that are easily missed. We are more than just a city with a horrible racial past, if you read often, then you’ve read articles calling for the nation to watch Jackson, Ms as we are gearing up to become a radical city.

But what do you expect? We are known as the “City with Soul!” From our rich cuisine to the culture, to the local attractions, there are plenty of reasons to visit, and even stay!

The Food

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The most important part of your trip will be the food if the decision had to be made by me.  We offer over 300 restaurants, from upscale cuisine to down-home BBQ from a hole in the wall.  There’s even a dedicated Facebook group where they discuss the best places to find the best foods in Jackson.  Grab a burger from Brent’s Drugs, a pig ear sandwich from Big Apple Inn, or a plate of ribs from Gators. Jackson is where the influence of Grandmother’s cooking and sacred recipes meet cooking techniques learned in world-class culinary schools.

The Music

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Jackson is home to more historical markers celebrating blues heritage than anywhere else in the state. You can find live music all over the city. From festivals like the Jackson Rhythm & Blues Festival to Blue Monday at Hal & Mal’s or a concert at Thalia Mara, you can indulge in the music waiting to fill your soul. Check out F. Jones Corner for authentic Blues or Johnny T’s for a mix of Rhythm & Blues. Another great resource for upcoming music/show listings is

Civil Rights History

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Jackson was at the forefront of so many events that have shaped America. It was the center of attention during the Civil War, in which Grant burned the city down three times. After the fires, the only things left standing were chimneys, this lead to the city’s nickname “Chimneyville”. Monumental events are recognized throughout the city with Mississippi Freedom Trail MarkersMedgar Evers served as the first Field Secretary for the NAACP in Mississippi and led the charge for voter registration that eventually cost him his life. The home where he was assassinated in 1963 serves as a museum that contains period furnishings, exhibits and family photographs. The home was used in the film Ghosts of Mississippi, which tells the story of the 1994 retrial and conviction of Evers’ murderer, Byron de la Beckwith.

Learn more about Jackson, Ms, The City With Soul by checking out this video- Visit Jackson: The City With Soul, and check out the entire Visit Jackson docuseries here.

Jackson: City With Soul Episode 5—Amazing Artists & Awesome Music from Maris, West & Baker on Vimeo.

Tell me- would you visit Jackson?

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