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Let’s talk about hair removal for a second. Do you hate shaving as much as I do? Have you tried other hair removal methods like creams and epilators? Are you anything like me, so tired of shaving that you spent some time not shaving at all? Well, join me on the #NoShaveWave as I introduce you to Silk’n Flash & Go Express and it’s beautiful technology.

What is Flash & Go?

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Flash & Go is a light-based device for long term hair removal, designed for in-home use. It’s safe, painless and FDA approved to result in a 92% reduction of hair after just the first treatment. This device is safe enough to be used anywhere from the cheekbones down (keep this device away from your eyes please).

Unlike most at-home hair removal lasers, The Silk’n Flash & Go is approved to be used on darker skin tones, just in lower level pulses. That’s low-key revolutionary, considering most at home hair removal devices are not safe for deeper skin tones.

How to use

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Make sure your skin is clean, dry, shaved and free of powders, antiperspirants or deodorants. Press the central button and the level 1 LED will turn on. After another second or so, the Ready Indicator Light will turn on, and it is ready to trigger the first pulse. Press the pulse trigger button, and the device will determine the color of your skin, and if your skin is light enough for safe application, you will see a bright flash of light.

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If you are not light enough for treatment, you will see a Skin Color Warning Indicator Light. Try another part of your body and if you keep getting the warning, discontinue use. What you do not want is burned skin.

Over time, you should see a 60%-70% reduction in hair growth.  Silk’n is the beautiful new way to remove unwanted hair forever. Now you can be silky smooth and stubble free every day. Join the Silk’n not shaven revolution and make shaving a thing of the past.

Silk’n Flash & Go Express is available at Bed, Bath & Beyond; Kohl’s, Ulta, and select Target locations. Join the Silk’n not shaven revolution and use #NoShaveWave to share your own personal stories on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

More about Aprill

Aprill Coleman is an award-winning beauty, lifestyle and wellness blogger and freelance writer based in Jackson, Mississippi.

12 thoughts on “Join The #NoShaveWave With The Silk’n Flash & Go Express

  1. Nichole C

    what an interesting product!



    I have a similar device from Philips and am astounded by how well it has worked.


  3. Chelsea

    I want to try this so bad!


  4. Kristi Vasquez

    Would love to try a product like this – I’m so lazy, I hate shaving!


  5. Stacie Wacie

    I want one of these!


  6. Melissa

    I’d love to try something like this. I’d love to hear more about how it actually worked for you.


  7. Emily Draher • Casual Contrast

    I’m obsessed with my Silk’n ReVit – I’m definitely a Silk’n believer, so I bet I’d love this too!


  8. Stepford Witch

    How’d it work out for you? I definitely want a long term hair solution but afraid to try because of the price.


  9. Katie Garvin // From My Vanity

    I am ALL for shaving less! This sounds fantastic, and I like the wide opening — won’t take as long 😉


  10. FairyTales Nails

    This products sounds really interesting, great review x


  11. PolishedPath

    I need one of these SO bad. I have gotten laser removal 6 times on my upper lip and it still keeps coming back, and I have all the requirements! Pale skin and dark hair!


  12. do my assignment

    Hair fall is the fact a giant drawback and nice to ascertain the Flash & Go could be a light-based device for long run hair removal, designed for in-home use. It’s safe, painless and bureau approved to lead to a ninety two reduction of hair once simply the primary treatment. This device is safe enough to be used anyplace from the cheekbones. That’s subdued revolutionary, considering most reception hair removal devices don’t seem to be safe for deeper skin tones.


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