What’s In The Box? October Julep Maven Box


Julep’s October box is spoooktacular!  There was a nice assortment in every box, but my problem was that the other ones had crackles (texture coat, shatter, whatever you want to call them) and I hate those topcoats. So I opted for the Classic With A Twist Box, which included two shades with no crackle and a few other goodies! Keep reading for more information.


Inside the box was Julep Boris and Nicole, Julep Gwyneth, Julep Quick Dry Polish drops, two pots of glitter, and candy corn (blech!).


I swatched on the two fully visible nails you see here. Gwyneth is the sheerest pink ever. It does not show that well, maybe if you contrast it with another color, like a white tip or something it might show better. Boris and Nicole is a beautiful shade for the fall. It’s a shimmery spicy brown red. This is two coats and it’s gorgeous!

The quick dry drops are meh in my opinion. They don’t dry faster than a top coat. It took about 5 minutes for this coat to dry using the drops. Let me also say that matte top coats plus the drops… they are not  friends. it left a thick nasty white coating on the top of some other nail colors I swatched. So it’s a product that I wont be using on a regular basis, especially with lacquers that have a matte finish.

There was also some black glitter and some orange glitter. It would work as a nice accent on nails, or you could make some glittery tips!

… and the candy corn? Let’s not talk about that. One of my kids took that stuff because I hate candy corn. That junk is seriously the herpes of Halloween.

You can sign up for a box too! It’s a great price ($19.99)  for someone that wants to build up a collection of lacquers, plus you get so much more. I have had this service since December, and I have sunscreen, hand scrubs, glitter, mascara, so much!

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