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If you don’t know Ken Paves, I don’t know what you are doing with your life. For nearly two decades, Ken Paves has been whipping up the hair of stars and when he was not doing that, he was doing makeovers on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The X Factor, The Biggest Loser, The Doctors and America’s Next Top Model. He’s not your average stylist to the stars, because he has worked with women of all shapes and sizes and colors and ages. Because of his background with the average woman who normally could not afford his services, I was more than happy to review a copy of his book, You Are Beautiful.

You Are Beautiful is a 260-page book that teaches women to Own It! Work It! and Live It! Ken teaches women how to care for their hair, get the most out of salon visits, pick the best makeup, lipgloss vs lipstick, clothes selection and so much more.

The book was insightful and inspiring.

This is a great book for the woman who has yet to discover her personal style. This book will help you define, enhance, and celebrate beauty.

For more information, visit Purchase from Amazon for $13.94

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