Purse Essentials: The Things I Never Leave Home Without

I secretly envy you all that have one handbag that you love and wear consistently. I have a hard time staying committed to just one purse. Some days, I am in the mood to carry a tote bag, when I reach peak mom, I lug around a weekender tote. Grocery shopping? I have to have a backpack. I may not be consistent when it comes to what bag I wear, but my purse essentials remain the same. Check it out.

  • Lip Balm– I keep a tin of lip balm because even though I am very generous to my kids with lip balm (I’m saying, it’s at the core of what I do), when we leave home on an outing, they never have it handy and their lips always look rough. Mom Rule #1: Carry the essentials they need because they won’t.
  • Facial Toner– If it’s winter, I find myself needing a little boost of hydration when I wear matte foundation. Summer? I just want to cool down with a skin friendly facial toner.
  • Sunglasses– I spent a bulk of my youth frolicking in the sun with no protection on my eyes. Now that they have burned to smithereens, I wear sunglasses to protect the little eyeball I have left.
  • Kleenex– One of the reasons I carry a weekender bag around is because I am most comfortable when I have access to tissue, and I ALWAYS kept a box of Kleenex in my bag. Yes, a box, those travel packs are too little for my taste. My kids often go where I go and that means lots of crying, spitting, burping, vomiting, and asking to use public restrooms with no tissue.


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