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Eyebrows are one of the most important features of our face, yet it’s probably one of the most abused. Billion Dollar Brows says neglected, but I think abused is a better term. As a woman that has went through many stages of evolution with my brows, I have done some unforgiveable things.

There was the time I arched my brows with a razor blade, and the time I over plucked, and the time I used black eyeliner to fill in my brows and… you get what I’m saying right? Horrible things are done to brows everyday. Take a pledge to end the abuse with Kohl’s Exclusive Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit.

Billion Dollar Brows, the only cosmetic company solely devoted to eyebrow health and beauty, created a kit that features the best selling brow products they offer.

Included in the kit:

Billion Dollar Brows Kohls Exclusive

Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil

I go through a lot of hair color changes over a single year. Buying new brow pencils from MAC everytime I color my hair can be costly. I actually discovered the Universal Brow Pencil two years ago, and it has become a staple in my brow kit. Universal Brow Pencil is a mechanical, self sharpening pencil that applies smooth and fits just about every skintone and hair color.

Billion Dollar Brows Smudge Brush

This brush pairs well with the Duo Highlighter for even application using a cream brow product. It’s totally synthetic, so no worries if you are not into using brushes that contain animal hair fibers.

Billion Dollar Brows Clear Brow Gel

It’s an offense that I’ve seen one too many times, and I’m guilty of myself: unset brows. After tweezing and highlighting and filling in your brows, you should set them. This keeps unruly brow hairs under control, and gives your brows that extra manicured look. The gel is clear, easy to apply, lasts all day, and never flakes.

Billion Dollar Brows Duo Highlighter

This pencil will inspire you to throw that white pencil you’ve been using to highlight your brows in the trash. The highlighter end is supposed to be universally flattering to all skin tones, and gives the brows definition and warmth. The highlighter end is entirely too light and the concealer end is not black girl friendly at all, but works well for someone with a light to light-medium skintone to touchup on the go.


This Kit will be available at Kohl’s near you for only $34.99!

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