Ladies And Gentlemen, I Found The Worst ‘Keratin’ Treatment Ever…


It’s not everyday that I write a review and it’s just bad. It’s not that I avoid bad products, but I tend to pick good stuff. I wanted to write this review, so that you can pass this product if you ever see it in the store, and think of picking it up. This is a must read.

Smooth ‘N Shine Keratin Power Semi-Permanent Hair Tamer is described as a gentler, more manageable approach to taming your curls and frizz than relaxing.  This product promises to offer you versatility, giving you the power to wear your hair straight or curly; last 6 weeks and provide 5x less damage than relaxers.  Though the directions read like a keratin treatment, the main purpose of this product in my opinion is nothing more than a hair tamer.

My oldest daughter is 10, and to be honest I was never big on relaxing her hair. She has had in the past one Keratin treatment, and that’s it. She has very thick, shoulder length curly hair. Her biggest complaint with her hair is that it is not smooth, and she cant really manage it herself. BzzAgent sent me an invite to try this product out.  I thought this was an interesting product, and since they said it was not a relaxer, I figured I would give it a shot.

So in the box there’s four things- the protein treatment, the neutralizing milk, gloves, and directions.  I read the directions, put on the gloves, and it was time to go to work!

Protein smoothing treatment-  contains Keratin 4 + Aloe that is supposed to smooth and tame the hair. So I open up this product, and  in an Aprill-like fashion, I sniffed before I squirted (lol, I do this a lot). Whyyyyy did I do that? It smells like rotten eggs… ROTTEN EGGS. A part of me wanted to abort the mission because the smell was so strong and intolerable, but I asked my daughter was she ok with it and she said ‘yes’. So we ventilated our area a little more (opened a door, turned on another fan), and moved on. After leaving this product in for the recommended time, it was time to rinse.

Neutralizing Milk– containing active sealers to complete and preserve the semi-permanent taming effect on treated hair for up 6 weeks. I applied this as directed, rinsed. I was standing at the sink baffled, like, speechless…

….the texture of her hair, ‘smoothing’, never happened. Her hair was no different than any other time that I have washed her hair with regular shampoo and conditioner. But the process is not over yet, so let me finish up by completing the last two steps.

Blow drying and flat ironing- This step mimics your normal at home Keratin treatments, it’s supposed to ‘seal’ the hair, I guess further sealing considering that the neutralizing milk was labeled  as the sealant. At this point after blow drying and flat ironing, her hair looks no different than it does any other time that  I flat ironed her hair, before ever touching the treatment.

Fast forward to the next week, I wash and condition her hair, and this treatment is officially dead. There’s no difference in texture, it’s not more manageable, it’s like I never did anything to her hair. I am glad that in order to deem with the worst treatment ever, she didn’t lose any hair or experience breakage.

Because of the recent revolution, perms are becoming obsolete and companies and struggling to find that new product that can make hair more manageable without damage. This is first of many brands to follow that will struggle to get something out on the market. If you must denounce relaxer, fine. Can we have a product that is not 100% ineffective and smells like rotten eggs? That would be great.

*Sample provided by BzzAgent*

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4 thoughts on “Ladies And Gentlemen, I Found The Worst ‘Keratin’ Treatment Ever…

  1. Melody

    wow! The good thing from all this is that it didn't damage her hair! I was in Sally's the other day and there were so many Kera-Smoothing Treatments on the shelves. I've had it done professionally and most of the directions only stated doing half of the procedures that they did in the salon. Just like perms we have to be weary of these "gimmicks". Thanks for sharing!
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  2. amberjoy93

    I got this kit too through bzzagent and I felt exactly the same way. My entire family made me stay in the bathroom away from them because it stunk so bad. And what's worse is that it didn't even work.
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  3. moxiereviews

    Ugh! I'm glad that your daughter's hair is fine, but I'm sure she's very disappointed since this didn't do any good!!
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  4. Nadia

    I would stay the hell away from dodgy keratin treatments. I only use the Kerapremium Argan keratin treatment now and it works well for me with a medium wave. I will not try this brand, thank you for the review!


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