Lancôme Rénergie at HSN!

On February 24th, Lancôme Rénergie is debuting on HSN! The Lancôme Rénergie new eye care product lifts, firms, and reshapes all in one jar.

This two step system gives you six amazing benefits:

The innovative product includes the jar with a cream that:

  • Lifts eyelids
  • Erases lines
  • Fades dark circles

The cap has a unique formula that :

  • Protects the fragile skin in the eye contour
  • Erases dark shadows
  • Deflating under-eye bags

This is a new generation of lifting performance for eyes retailing at HSN for $70.00.

I received this product this morning, so stay tuned for a review after about 2 weeks to see if I get any noticeable changes to my eye area.

More about Aprill

Aprill Coleman is an award-winning beauty, lifestyle and wellness blogger and freelance writer based in Jackson, Mississippi.

6 thoughts on “Lancôme Rénergie at HSN!

  1. simplyayeproh

    Lancôme Rénergie at HSN! #GGG #beauty #makeup


  2. simplyayeproh

    Lancôme Rénergie at HSN! #GGG #beauty #makeup



    Lancôme Rénergie at HSN! #GGG #beauty #makeup


  4. GlitterGlossGarbage

    Lancôme Rénergie at HSN! #GGG #beauty #makeup


  5. GlitterGlossGarbage

    Beauty Rewind! : Lancôme Rénergie at HSN! #GlitterGlossGarbage


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