Letting You Take a Peek: Sonia Kashuk Brush Couture Set


I’m not calling this a review because I’m not going to be super detailed, I just wanted you guys to see this set of brushes I bought from Target about two weeks ago. I did not need anymore brushes, but the design was so pretty, I could not pass on them. I actually like all of Sonia Kashuk’s brushes because they are so well designed and they are good quality.

There were about 2 or 3 other new sets of brushes. I picked this one because of the box primarily. Yes, the box.


This set comes with 5 brushes- The powder brush, a fluffy blending brush, an angled shadow brush, a concealer brush and a crease brush. The two weeks that I’ve had them here, I’ve used them A LOT.  They pick up color well, they apply well. The concealer blush applies without leaving a streak.  The blush brush picks up color well, and blends out pretty good. The best brush by far from the set is the angled shadow brush, and the worst, there wasn’t one.

This brush set was $14.99. They are in stores only. Check your local Target for more information.


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