I Live For Spanx, So It’s Only Natural I Show You My Fall Spanx Essentials!


Aside from the fact that I love fall because it hosts the best makeup looks, I also love fall because I of the fashion aspect. I’m a big girl yes, and I love wearing dresses, tights, and flats during the fall. Someone my size though, cant just wear any kind of tights. Thank goodness for new products! Here are three products from Spanx that will be in my arsenal for the fall and winter!

spanx dots

Tights with diamond print and dots– These tights are so cute and perfect with a black or grey dress and some colored flats. The waistband stretches for a comfortable fit, and they instantly slim and tone your waist, legs and rear. $32

over the knee

Two toned over the knee socks– I’m not an Uggs girl, but I am craving a nice Riding boot this fall. The two toned print is fun, but what makes these socks worth the price is the stay put band at the top. That stops the socks from rolling down to your ankles. $24


Lace tights– Judge me if you wish, but I think I look cute in lace printed tights! Spanx ‘Look at me lace’ tights are so cute with an A line skirt and a pair of booties.

These are three things that I am picking up for sure in the next few weeks. Do you plan on purchasing any new shapewear for the fall? Comment and let me know.

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