L’Occitane Jasmin & Bergamote Fragrance Review


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Fresh… sensual…. petals and leaves. These are the words that come to mind when you think of this fragrance. L’Occitane Jasmin & Bergamote is a fragrance from the La Collection de Grasse that was released back in the spring. Some of the fragrances are spring worthy, but this one is a great fragrance to transition you from summer to fall.

Jasmin & Bergamote  is packaged in a 2.5 ounce clear thick glass bottle with a yellow tinted fluid.

Jasmin & Bergamote has top notes of citrus and bergamot, middle floral notes, and a musky jasmine dry down.

Jasmin & Bergamote  is very fresh and light with just a hint of woody floral goodness.

My problem with this fragrance, like many other L’Occitane fragrances, is that it has no staying power. I think these days 8-12 hours should be the standard, but you are lucky if you can cut 6 hours with the fragrance.

From a personal standpoint, this is not the fragrance for me. The jasmine drydown is overpowering to the point of a headache. You get more of that scent than you do the musk, which is not normal to me.

L’Occitane Jasmin & Bergamote retails for $75. More information and availability can be found on the L’Occitane website.




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One thought on “L’Occitane Jasmin & Bergamote Fragrance Review

  1. kittypolishnbags@gmail.com

    No staying power = fail for me. :/ So much promise it once held!


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