Long Hot Summer!

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We might still be all wearing our winter coats but any faithful follower of fashion knows that’s it’s never too early to start planning her summer wardrobe. We’re not sure what gets us so excited about those hazy days although it could be something to do with ice cream, cute maxi sundresses, beach BBQ’s, Sunday bike rides and exotic holidays! Not to mention the smell of freshly mown grass and of course the parties, festivals and gatherings that all take place at this time of year! Summer is also the time of year when the days are longest; good weather often means eight or nine hours of sunshine, blue skies and gentle, fresh breezes that soothe sweating skin. Research shows that the more daylight hours we’re exposed to, the happier we are, especially those who suffer from SAD,where people’s moods are very much tied to the weather.


It’s also a time to kick back, relax and unwind after a hard year of work and study, as well as being the most popular time of year for weddings, christenings and anniversary parties. Our social calendar always seems fuller in summer as people are more likely to venture outdoors, while in winter everyone hates the idea of heading out into rain and snow, but come July a lazy stroll into town sounds fantastic. So with all this and more to look forward to you can forgive us for being eager to start building the ultimate summer look!


Brighter The Better

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While black, navy, mocha, fawn and plum look lovely during the winter when it comes to warmer months, they look staid and cumbersome. From late May, to June stores tend to bring in the cut off shorts, flowing skirts, and shift dresses as well as a dazzling array of sandals, flip-flops, and wedges. Designers know that during the summer we naturally gravitate towards brighter, nature-inspired colors and patterns such as leaves, florals, palm trees as well as butterflies, exotic birds and beach scenes so make garments more vibrant. This summer, primary colours such as blues, greens and reds will have more impact than ever before especially on athletic, casual clothing. There’ll be a kaleidoscope of shades to choose from, but a little bird tells us that it’s candy, rose, and Barbie pink that’s going to steal the show! Don’t expect to see the usual girlish lace, and florals either as the colour is going to come into its own without any embellishment or motifs to detract from the power of the rosy hue. Why not experiment with grass green, sky blue or sunshine yellow? While you may not think you can pull off such strong colors the whole idea here is to wear as much as possible!


Acceptable In The 80’s

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The eighties are back! Lots of fashionistas pooh-poohed the idea that we would once again see big shoulder pads, sky high heels and beehive hair on the catwalks but as the strange folk of Twin Peaks say, it’s happening again! You’ll see flirty hemlines, massive belts, and crystal chandelier earrings filtering into party clothes, as this redux trend is going to be worn mostly in going out outfits rather than what you’d wear during the daytime. Perfect for dining alfresco, drinks with friends, clubbing until late and even going bowling, that’s back too, these cute, vintage staples will once again be in our closets.


We’re talking skater dresses; candy inspired accessories, jackets with huge shoulder pads and space age style skirts and skorts. While platforms are still popular it’s going to be the skyscraper stiletto that takes the fashion crown this season; already early reports suggest that carrying flats in your mini backpack, or clutch bag is going to be very necessary. Speaking of bags, they’ll be getting an injection of flirty eighties fun too with zipped popcorn boxes, soda cans, and candy box designs back in fashion as we move away from the black-tie clutch and say hello to the simple multifunctional tote and cute cross over bag.


Sheer Delight

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It’s romantic, elegant, wistful and bang on trend as well as being just that little bit risqué, yes lace, chiffon, silk, and cotton are all going see through with sheer dresses being just one garment to get the lingerie as outerwear or nightwear / daywear treatment. Already stores are stocking semi-sheer maxi skirts, crop tops, and kimonos but if you’re having second thoughts about looking like wearing your nightie outside don’t worry! The key to pulling off this ethereal, mysterious look is to not appear naked, in fact, you’ll want to layer up all those filmy fabrics as much as possible, making sure that the top layers are transparent but that the one’s closest to your skin are actually opaque.


Try to avoid fabrics that go totally see through in the light; you’re looking to cast a tempting illusion not show everyone your lacy underwear! Remember, the most important thing in fashion is to be 100% comfortable in what you’re wearing. There’s nothing that says you can’t add a slip or petticoat underneath a dress, wear a camisole with a sheer blouse or pair leggings with a lace or chiffon skirt. Bear in mind this is a totally different trend to the ‘naked dress’ some celebrities are so fond of wearing which is basically few strips of strategically placed material held together!


Full On Florals

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While you’d expect to see a certain amount of florals, after all it is summer, this is a little more out there! These blooms aren’t cute, ditzy daisies, nope we’re talking huge flower prints in skirts, jackets, tops, and trousers as well as shoes! Yes, this summer, trendsetters will look like walking gardens as designers have finally overcome their floral shyness and boy does it show! Expect to see big blowsy rococo prints, ruffled and raw hems, 70’s rose whimsy and bright leaf and vine patterns. Warning, this look is not for the fainthearted as it’s going to make you the center of attention. Why not embrace botanicals by buying fabric petals? Attach them to your bag, hair or shoes because who says there’s such a thing as too much flower power!


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