How To Look Instantly Slimmer

So, you’ve taken the important decision to lose some weight and to lose it for good. This is the day that your life changes and you start your journey towards a healthier and happier future. Of course, you now want results and you want to see those results quickly! That is understandable.

As well as carefully planning your diet to include HCG diet approved food, you will be busy sorting out your exercise regime to burn off as many calories as you can. At this time, you also want to look great and look as if the diet is working even though it will take a few weeks for the effects to truly show.

This is where your wardrobe can help out. Here are some ideas that you make you look slimmer in less than an hour!

Expose some neckline

As soon as you expose some of your neck with a V-neckline you slim down the shape of the body. The open, upside-down triangle creates a high focal point. This draws the eye away from the midsection of the torso and gives the effect of being longer and slimmer. The more skin you have showing between your chin and your cleavage the better. If you choose a wider V-neckline it will visually balance broad hips and thighs. So, have a hunt in your closet and pull out any camis, T-shirts, sweaters and cardigans that have a V neckline and get them on!

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Wear high shoes with narrow toes

Flat, wide shoes have the effect of widening your whole look so they are best avoided. Your legs will look both longer and slimmer if you wear a skirt to just below the knee and shoes with a tapered toe and at least a 2-inch stiletto. The combination of the slender toe and thin heel work very well together to extend the narrow silhouette of your calves.

Buy underwear that actually fits you

Buying any sort of clothes when you are on a diet is a problem because it may not fit you for very long if things go according to plan. You may decide to leave off buying expensive items until your weight has plateaued. However, underwear is the exception. You must have undergarments that fit you properly.

It’s staggering how many women are wearing bras with the wrong size band and too-small cups. This gives them either too little lift or no shape at all! If briefs are too tight, they produce unsightly bulges. If you have a visible panty line (VPLS) it gets in the way of clean lines of top layers and makes you look bulkier. It’s best to get a smooth look with a thong or a G-strings.

Be careful how you use accessories

Long necklaces are an excellent option as they add length to a short neck. They also draw the eye away from the hips. Try out some Mid-chest bibs or big chandeliers which scream ‘look at the face’. Sparkly cuffs, bangles, and cocktail rings draw the eye to wrists.

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