How to Look Stylish with Budget Glasses


Shopping on a budget these days is easier than ever: there are plenty of affordable options for stylish women, while sales and special offers can even grant you access to high quality goods at a fraction of the price!

When it comes to eyewear, it’s often been said that expensive is better. The reason is simple: designer eyewear is the best quality, and you should want nothing less for your eyes. However, we found some loopholes that will help you look stylish, while still on a budget:

1. Cheap frames, good lenses. Buy yourself a pair of pretty glasses on the cheap side (the local drugstore or Ebay should do the trick), and only invest in the lenses. They are, after all, the most important part of glasses. Cheap frames might break easier, but you can always replace them. Pick a frame as trendy as you want, and only worry about protecting the lenses.

2. Search for a good deal. For the price you’d pay on a less-than-perfect pair of glasses, you could get a designer piece! Most retailers have sales at the end of January, so keep an eye out. You will also find discounts around the holidays, at the end of summer and our personal favorite, on Black Friday. Also look out for styles that are “out of date”, meaning that they’re a few seasons old – designer want to get rid of outdated merchandise, so they might sell it on the cheap. For example, the Aristar glasses pictured above are just $32, and they’re trendy as can be, with the oval lenses and shade of red.

3. Vintage shopping. If you’re a bargain hunter, then you’re already familiar with the local vintage shops. Flea markets, charity shops and secondhand shops all make a great source for eyewear. And how cool would it be to find the perfect cat eye glasses, complete with trendy rhinestones? The only downside here is that you have to be patient: you won’t find the perfect pair in just one visit, and you’ll have to search high and low before the glasses fit just right.

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