L’Oreal Smokissime Powder Eyeliner Pen Swatches And Review


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Earlier this month, I spotted L’Oreal Smokissime at Rite Aid, but I held out on purchasing and for good reason, they sent two in my monthly Rite Aid kit!

L’Oreal extended their ‘kissime’ line by adding Smokissime. Smokissime is a powder pen eyeliner by Infallible which features a precise smoke applicator dipped in a pigmented powder allowing for intense and defined smoky eye with no smudging necessary.

When creating a smoky eye look, smudging is something I can admit I struggle with. Liquid eyeliners are now created to dry so fast, you do not have a fair chance to smudge the liner, and pencils are filled with so many waxes, you can not smudge without it appearing greasy, so these eyeliner pens were right on time.

Smokissime is packaged in a pen with the smudge powder packed into the cap. This pen is easy to store and easy to travel with thanks to the cap. The cap is twist off, so there will be no worries about this popping off and the powder spilling into your purse or makeup bag.

L'Oreal Smokissime black smoke


L'Oreal Smokissime Brown Smoke

The applicator tip is foam like an eyeshadow applicator. It is larger than your average applicator, but the very tip of it is very precise. Application is simply ok. It does exactly what it is supposed to do, create a smudge effect at the lashline. There are four colors in the line: black, brown, taupe and purple. I have the brown and the black:

Smokissime swatches

Black Smoke (701) is a charcoal black. When swatching (as you can see) it is very streaky but when applied to the eye, it is fine.

Brown Smoke (702) is a bronzy brown with shimmer. It swatches even and smooth and applies with no problems to the eye area.

There is no fallout during application.

Both colors lasted roughly 12 hours before I gave up and cleaned it off. Once the powder set, they are bulletproof. No smudging, no budging, no fading, flaking or creasing.

My rational side says there is really no need for this product. You can purchase applicator tips by the boatload and simply use a black, grey, brown or blue eyeshadow and smudge at the eye. The irrational side of me is very impressed with the durability of the powder and the super cute packaging (LOVE the gold text).

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Smokissime Powder Eyeliner Pen retails for $9.99. Pick them up at Rite Aid, Walgreeens, CVS or on L’Oreal’s website.

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