New At Rite Aid: L’Oreal Voluminous Superstar Mascara


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Tell me about your dream mascara. Does it give you superior volume, length or both? L’Oreal Voluminous Superstar Mascara aims to give your lashes both. Super-volumized, super-extended, superstar lashes all packed into a 2 step primer and mascara system.



The primer is lightweight and does two things. One, it creates instant lash volume and two, it creates a smooth and even base to make the mascara easier to apply. This is not a fiber primer, it’s a white, creamy like substance that coats the lashes fairly well but clumped in a few places.



The mascara is fiber infused to provide length. The curved brush gives the lashes slight curl and lift to the lashes. I’m cool with mascaras that are fiber infused, as long as they don’t flake because you know what that means? Those fibers are going straight in the eyeball and they sting something terrible. My only complaint about the brush is the same complaint I have with 90% of the mascaras I encounter: it does not do well when applying to those tiny hairs in the inner corner of the eye. The mascara tube also left a big goop of mascara at the tip of the brush, so when you apply  those hard to reach areas, if you don’t clean the tip, you will end up with all that goop and fiber in your lashes. Total yuck.

Check out my before, primer and after photos below:


Before: Plain lashes



Primer. As you can see, it gets a little clumpy in spots, but smoothing it over is not a big deal at all.



After: two coats. My lashes are noticeably longer, with more volume.


Loreal Voluminous Superstar

Overall I am impressed with L’Oreal Voluminous Superstar. You get superstar lashes at a not so superstar price. Pick up a tube at Rite Aid for $10.99.

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