Spring Clean Your Facial Routine With Lush Facial Cleansers

Lush Facial Cleansers

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Welcome Spring! We spent this winter suffering unbearable cold weather which I can admit took a toll on my skin. My skin experienced lots of peeling, flaking, redness and irritation. It’s time for a change. Spring clean your skin care stash and try a little Lush!

I want to introduce you to 5 of their best cleansers and give you exclusive tips from Lush’s product educator.

Lush has a ton of products, which is a good thing because there’s something for everyone. I chose 5 of their best facial cleansers that would benefit five problematic skin types.

Inflamed skin? Give it a chill pill with Lush Aqua Marina

Lush Aqua Marina  (2)Lush Aqua Marina  (1)

This facial cleanser has all the good stuff like calamine powder, kaolin, aloe vera, and patchouli oil to calm the skin. It only takes a pinch of this product, mixed with a little water to make a paste, to put your skin on cloud 9.

Oily Skin? Let Lush Dark Angels soak it up

Lush Dark Angels  (2)

Lush Dark Angels  (1)

Dark Angels has charcoal and black sugar to absorb oils from the skin and brighten your complexion. My skin tends to get oily during the summer, and this is my go to product to keep the greasy face at bay!

Surrender to the power of herbs with Lush Herbalism

Lush Herbalism  (1)

Lush Herbalism  (2)

Herbalism facial cleanser helps eliminate spots, balance and calm the skin. You have to love the bright green color and the rich herbal scent!! This is my personal favorite of all the skin cleansers from Lush because it takes care of all the problems my skin experiences.

Let The Good Times Roll with this popcorn scented cleanser

Lush Let The Good Times Roll  (1)

Lush Let The Good Times Roll  (2)

This corn meal, popcorn and cinnamon concoction is great if you are looking for a cleanser that heats things up by warming the skin. I love the scent combination of gardenia, popcorn and cinnamon. It’s a sweet treat!

Get your glow on with Lush Angels On Bare Skin

Lush Angels on bare skin

Lush Angels on bare skin2

Shed away dry skin with this heavenly combination of lavender and almonds. It’s just as effective as it is beautiful.

Still not convinced? Check out my interview with one of Lush’s product educators:

What are your top pick for someone that’s new to Lush, looking for a good facial cleanser?

Our cleanser rolls are unique in the realm of cosmetics—unpreserved, surfactant-free and made from simple, effective ingredients. Their inspiration reaches back into the past when clays, muds, powders and herbs were used to cleanse the skin. Our range of cleanser rolls allows your skin to be at its best, no matter what your routine or preference. We focus on ingredients and the effects they provide to give you the best possible version of your skin! There’s no one way to treat your skin, as your mood, seasons, lifestyle and routine may change over time, and thus your cleanser might change as well.

That said, Angels on Bare Skin is a bestselling cleanser that we’ve been making for ages! It’s a heavenly mixture of fine kaolin clay, which gently cleanses, and chamomile blue, rose and lavender oils. These oils are traditionally used for soothing and hydrating skin when it becomes dry or irritated, and they return the skin to a natural balance. Ground almond meal provides a decadent, moisturizing scrub. This cleanser is often the first one our customers try, as it lovingly tends to the needs of many.

Why is a facial cleanser that contains fresh ingredients beneficial?

Some people find that soap can be too harsh for their face and/or body. When used too frequently, soap can strip the skin of its natural oils and cause an imbalance. So if you skip the soap, how else can you effectively wash your face or body? With rhassoul mud, kaolin clay and calamine! All three ingredients are naturally absorbent and leave the skin feeling smooth, soft and clean.

More clay means fewer preservatives: Our cleanser rolls are made fresh, sold by weight and contain no preservatives or surfactants. Most pre-packaged cleansers contain some water content already, so they require a preservative to maintain a shelf life. We would rather leave the last step up to you!

Rhassoul mud is an ancient beauty treatment: It’s often used in Turkish baths and spas as a full body mask for its ability to draw impurities from the skin. We use rhassoul in our Dark Angels cleanser roll and Cupcake fresh face mask for bright, deeply cleansed skin.

Calamine is a natural anti-pruritic: Calamine helps reduce itch and redness of irritated skin, which is why we use it in our Aqua Marina and Fresh Farmacy cleansers. Calamine is also fantastic for cleansing the skin and removing residue.

When will the larger sizes of Lush Facial Cleansers be available?

The larger sizes are available now both in-stores and online!

Make sure you check out everything that Lush has to offer by visiting http://www.lush.com/ and picking your country for product information, availability, and shipping information

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