MAC Bangin’ Brilliant Lipstick Swatches

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MAC Bangin Brilliant Swatches

MAC is solving all our lipstick problems with the MAC Bangin’ Brilliant Collection. This collection features 29 lipstick shades, 24 new eyeshadow shades and 6 new powder blushes and they are all being added to the permanent collection. I have 4 shades for you today, let’s check them out.




I’m jumping in with the worst shade first. MAC Gold XIXI is a yellow shade with a lustre finish. It applies smoothly, but pigmentation is not all that hot, or opaque. The yellow pigment pooled in the fine lines of my lips making it look weirder than ever. This shade also does not last that long, maybe 4 hours tops.


MAC In My Fashion

MAC In My Fashion

MAC In My Fashion is a deep purple toned black with a semi matte finish. The label says matte, but it is not a true matte. It has a little sheen to it, but is very comfortable on the lips. Pigmentation is excellent, the shade is truly opaque, and wears on the lips for about 6 hours.


MAC Red Rock

MAC Red Rock

Just in case you don’t have a red in your stash yet, you will totally want MAC Red Rock. It is a clean, true red with a matte finish, but not retro-matte like Ruby Woo, so it is far more comfortable. This shade is opaque, well pigmented and lasts about 6 hours.


MAC Deep Rooted

MAC Deep Rooted

Not to be confused with my HG MAC Stone, MAC Deep Rooted is a deeper version of Stone. It is a deep taupe grey with a comfortable matte finish. This shade is opaque, well pigmented and lasts 6 hours.


MAC Banging Brilliant Swatches

All of these lipsticks are available on MAC’s website, in store, and Nordstrom for $17.

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