Make Some Investments! Beauty Basics You Might Not Have Considered Before


The number one thing you need to apply to your face every morning is sunscreen. Whether it’s as a separate lotion or as part of your moisturizer, if you put on nothing else then sunscreen is the one to go for, with as high an SPF as possible. Wearing sunscreen is the number one thing you can do to protect your skin and to stop yourself from aging prematurely. It’ll decrease the amount of wrinkles on your face and dramatically lower your risks of getting skin cancer. You can also get hairspray with SPF built into it.

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If you have oily skin or visible pores, then primer is your absolute best friend. You need to apply it before you put on your foundation – it helps to smooth out any blemishes and fills in your pores – make sure you really work it in across your nose and cheeks. If you tend to have oily eyelids too – or in fact if you’ve ever noticed your eye makeup getting smudged in any way – then eyelid primer is also an absolute must. Urban Decay’s is probably the most popular choice out there.

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Beauty Tools

If you have to choose between a high-quality foundation or a high-quality foundation brush, you should go for the brush every time. Not only will it last for a long, long time, but it can make any product look good on your face. Look at the videos by your favorite makeup artists on YouTube and see which brushes they’re using. At the moment Sigma brushes are particularly popular, and they produce a huge range so you can get whatever you want, from huge soft powder brushes to the thinnest brushes ever that you can apply gel eyeliner with. You could also consider getting a beauty blender, which you can apply your foundation and concealer with, and use to blend in your contour.

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Eyelash Primer

That’s right, you heard me – eyelash primer. It isn’t just for the skin – it can also help your mascara to look great too. If you apply eyelash primer before you put your mascara on, it can help your lashes look longer and thicker by coating them first. Make sure that you wait for it to dry before applying your usual coats of mascara to make your eyes look huge and wide.

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There hasn’t really been a product as big as highlighter for the last few months, and chances are you’ve been seeing plenty of people with suspiciously high, gleaming cheekbones. Highlighting – or strobing – means that you’re applying a shimmery powder or cream to the points of your face where the light would hit, meaning your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, the bow of your lips, and your brow bone. One of the great things about highlighter is that you can use it to create a lot of different looks. If you’re going for warmth, try a pink tinged highlighter, if you’re going for summer then why not go for gold? Anything slightly icy or holographic would be perfect for the winter to turn you into an ice queen.

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