Marc Anthony Three Day Curls Didn’t Last 7 Hours


*press sample via Rite Aid*

The title alone is enough to let you know where this review is going.

So every month Rite Aid sends me a box with some of the newest and best beauty products on the market. Needless to say my eyes instantly gravitated towards the Marc Anthony 3 Day Curls Curl It Up Styling Spray. The intolerable, humid, hot air has officially arrived in Mississippi, so curls for three days would be wonderful. I gave it an honest shot, and it failed me.

Marc Anthony 3 Day Curls claims to give your hair long lasting, luscious, defined curls that are soft to the touch. 3 Day Curls is formulated with a special Oil, Protein and Polymer blend that keeps curls defined, soft and in place for 3 days or until my next wash.  Sounds promising enough.

So I wash my hair, spray 3 Day Curls, roll it, dry it, unroll it and my curls are pretty nice. Mind you I did this about 6am.  I follow my normal routine of leaving to drop the kids off at school, get back home. Frizz. You know once you see frizz it’s all downhill from there.

So no biggie, I expect a little fallout but by 2 pm, my curl fantasy is nothing more than a few bumps and loose waves.




Marc Anthony Three Day Curls retails for $6.99. Pick up a bottle from Rite Aid, if you dare.

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