Maybelline Great Lash LE Colored Mascara Swatches, Photos, Review


Here’s a fun new twist for your makeup. colored mascara! Blue and Purple mascara has always been trendy depending on the season, but Maybelline has hooked us (the consumers) up with a full line of Great Lash mascaras that come in a wide assortment of fun colors. No more plain ole black! Keep reading for swatches and a review of each color.


The formula of the shades is actually pretty good minus one shade, which I found a tad watery (details below). The color wraps around the lashes very well. I tested wear on each shade (yes I did), and I got on average 8 hours of wear before they began to flake. I did not review with a primer or on top of black mascara, and I don’t think I will have time to but if I find another blogger that did, I will let you know.  All the colors are well pigmented except for two.


The brush is small, which I like because it makes for easy application. I can get the little tiny lashes with no problem.  I can apply corner to corner with no issues. Except that one shade (details below, lol).


Wink of pink

Wink Of Pink is a medium toned pink. Reminds me of a deeper Pepto Bismol. Wink Of Pink has wild pigmentation and applies well with three coats.

Teal Appeal

Teal Appeal is a medium toned teal that leans more on blue than it does green (which I love). Teal Appeal applied well in two coats.

I see blue

I See Blue is the prettiest of them all in my opinion. It’s a nice bright electric blue that applies like a dream in two coats.

Green with envy

Green With Envy is a deep hunter green that applies well with three coats.

Vision in violet

Vision In Violet is more of a royal blue to me than purple. It does not do as well with pigmentation as the other colors, but it’s cute nevertheless and I think this is the one that I will use the most, since fall trends call for lots of purple!

So very berry

So Very Berry is a brown toned maroon. It does not read berry to me at all. The formula seemed was the most watery of them all. It was hard to apply more than one coat, and I barely got the pigmentation on my bottom lashes at all.

Overall I think this is a really cool collection that you could do so much with as far as creating makeup looks and such.

Maybelline New York Great Lash Mascara Limited Edition Collection has a  suggested retails price of $6.40. They are available for a few more days at select mass retailers nationwide.

You can get more information on Make sure to follow Maybelline on Twitter- ; Facebook-; Instagram-; and Pinterest- !


Maybelline Great Lash Colored

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3 thoughts on “Maybelline Great Lash LE Colored Mascara Swatches, Photos, Review


    I love the blue and pink shades! I didn’t know Maybelline was releasing colorful mascara… can’t wait to find them in-stores!


  2. Randie

    As quite a few people have said on,youtube,Make Up Alley,Total
    Beauty and other make up review sites,it’s a *tiny* scimpy little brush,the
    smallest I have ever seen and had and your not going to get that much volume
    with it. The Maybelline describes it as adding length and volume.The blue color
    doesn’t even hardly show up on my medium dark brown lashes even with 2 coats
    it’s closer to navy almost black but slightly more blue than black. On the brush
    and on tissue paper it looks lighter and a true royal blue color that it’s
    supposed to appear on your lashes.

    It’s a whole size smaller than a regular size mascara brush. I had to
    wash an older Loreal Voluminous mascara brush that is a regular size brush
    (which is a great inexpensive mascara for volume) and put it into the Great
    Lash tube,but it doesn’t fit well enough for the cap to screw on and close up,so
    now I had to wrap heavy duty foil around it with rubber bands also around it and
    put it in a plastic storage bag and hope that it doesn’t dry up and or go


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