Maybelline New York Clean Express.. Gel Vs. Liquid… What’s The Difference?



Last week, I swatched the Maybelline colored mascaras, but in preparation for swatching, I needed to buy some more eye makeup remover because I was running low. I normally use Maybelline’s Clean Express waterproof eye makeup, because it just cleans better and I knew that I would be able to swatch effortlessly without mascara residue left behind.

So anyway, I ran in Walgreens really quick to pick up another bottle, and it was only until I got ready to remove a swatch and put some remover on a cotton pad that this is not my normal liquid. It’s gel!

So I started asking myself questions like, when did they come out with this? Why a gel? So I picked up a bottle of the waterproof to compare and contrast, only to find some noticeable differences, which is the main thing I’m covering today.



  • One is a gel, one is a shake and activate liquid (duh)
  • The gel is not made for removing waterproof makeup
  • The gel does not leave a drop of greasy residue on the skin- most shake and activate removers leave the skin greasy. Not that gel! I was talking to someone on Twitter a few days ago and she complained about how removers leave the grease on her face.
  • The gel is really cooling and soothing

So there you have it, I wasn’t trying to make this some impossibly long review. This was a ‘just in case you wanted to know’ kinda thing.

Both retail for $5.99 each

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