Maybelline New York The Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara Before And After, Review, Photos

Rocket Volum’ Express

I suck as a beauty blogger. Why do you ask? I’ve been using and loving this mascara for a very long time and realized last night- I never published a review.

  So last night on Twitter, the land of excitement, one of the many Life Hack (@lifehacke) sites thought they were dropping a little trinket of knowledge:

life hacks

It reads (typo and all): MAKE MASCARA LAST 3X LONGER!! A typical mascara dries out before half of it is used. When your favorite mascara starts getting dry, add 4-5 drops of saline solution or eyedrops to the bottle. Insert your wand and stir and TA-DA!!  Fresh mascara! This can be repeated 2 or three times until all you mascara is gone.


Anyway that sparked a discussion about mascaras and how much I love Rocket Volum’ Express.  It does everything I need plus it’s affordable and I can replace it without breaking the bank or risking eye infection by revitalizing it with eyedrops (GROSS).


The packaging is cobalt blue with hot pink lettering and accents. The bottle itself is funny shaped, I can’t even describe it properly but it’s very easy to hold and handle.

The brush is known as the supersonic brush, the bristles are plastic, soft and evenly spaced which promises to give you 8 times the volume from root to tip. The magic is definitely in the wand in this case.


I bought the Blackest Black shade because I love dark mysterious lashes. It does have that classic mascara scent, but you will only notice it if you are sniffing the wand. You can’t smell it applying or when it is on the lashes.

Rocket Volum’ Express is not completely clump free, I found one clump which is really no biggie. Otherwise application is effortless. The photos you see below are two coats.

Rocket Volum’ Express does not smudge or budge for at least 8 hours. It’s a washable mascara so it’s very easy to remove at the end of a long day.


Maybelline Rocket Volum’ Express retails for $7.77. Pick this up at Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target, CVS, Walmart and everywhere else Maybelline products are sold.


Rocket Volum' Express (5)

Rocket Volum' Express (1)

Rocket Volum' Express (2)

Rocket Volum' Express (3)

Rocket Volum' Express (4)


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10 thoughts on “Maybelline New York The Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara Before And After, Review, Photos

  1. Nidia Doherty

    I’ve not tried this one, but Maybelline The Colossal is one of my all-time fave mascaras. Now you’ve got me curious about adding eyedrops to my mascara…


  2. loveforlacquer

    This is my HG mascara! Love it!


  3. Farryn

    Wow, this looks great! I love that brush.


  4. MyNewestAddiction

    O wow Aprill! That mascara looks awesome on you! It doesn’t work for me! Makes me wanna try again!


  5. Kendra Stanton

    This gave your lashes a really good pop! love it and the price!


  6. Courtney

    My L’Oreal Telescopic is getting dry, therefore, I may have to pick this up (and it is cheaper). Score!!!


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