Maybelline The Buffs Lipstick Swatches And Review

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I guess it’s safe to assume there is a major nude trend coming in the Spring. Urban Decay released Naked 3, Zoya released the Naturel collection, and now Maybelline has released The Buffs.  Maybelline The Buffs is a 10 shade collection of nude lipsticks. I knew the lighter two shades were not worth my or any black girl’s time, so since I was buying, I skipped out on the lightest two. Here are swatches and a review of the other eight.

Be warned that I was more focused on showing photos and swatches than I was writing up an actual review. Yeah I know. Judge me.

First things first. They have that classic lipstick smell. Just wanted to make you guys aware.

When it comes to the formula, they are standard with the Color Sensational line which is a good thing.  The shades range from very sheer to deeply pigmented. All of the lipsticks have a creamy texture with a shiny finish. As a matter of fact, The Buffs have one finish and it’s a glossy finish that is not too shiny, and not matte, but I wouldn’t call it a semi-matte. Let’s call it perfect.  They do not have super staying powers, I got 5 hours  but expect a little less (3) when eating or drinking.

The first photo I used my mom’s forearm, she a tad darker than me and the second photo is my arm. The lipsticks are numbered 1-8, shades correspond with the numbers.

Maybelline the buff swatches dark skin

maybelline the buff swatches on medium skin

1. Nude Buff – a pink toned nude. It takes about two applications to get good pigmentation. Semi sheer.

2. Maple Kiss– This is a beautiful bronze toned lipstick. This one is opaque after about two applications.

3. Truffle Tease– a warm toned nude brown. Two applications.

4.Sin-A-Mon– mauve toned nude. Two applications.

5.Touchable Taupe– taupe toned nude. One application.

6.Stormy Sahara– peach toned nude. One application.

7.Untainted Spice–  deep red toned brown. One application.

8.Espresso Expose– plum toned brown. One application.

Maybelline The Buffs will be available just about everywhere during the month of January. I do not have any information on restock at the moment but if I find out anything I will share. The Buffs retail for $7.49 each .  They will be available at Rite Aid, Target, Ulta, Walgreens and anywhere else Maybelline products are sold.

What colors are you craving?

Maybelline The Buffs  (2)Maybelline The Buffs  (4)

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4 thoughts on “Maybelline The Buffs Lipstick Swatches And Review

  1. Beauty Thesis

    Hmm.. I was expecting want all of them, but really only Truffle Tease & Stormy Sahara are appealing. Is it weird that I love the lids of this set..?


  2. KinksCurlsandLOVE

    I was planning on turning the other cheek at this, and being a lippie hoarder, that’s quite unheard of. Even though I have a nude lippie that fits me to the T, I just applied Sin-a-Mon and Touchable Taupe to my hitlist.


  3. Katie

    I’ve never been able to wear nude lippies. I envy people that can!


  4. Suzanne

    5, 7 & 8 look very interesting! I should check eBay..


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