Milani Cosmetics Brow And Highlighter Swatches and Review


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Milani Cosmetics Brow and Eye Highlighter is a 2 in 1 pencil that colors the brows, highlights,
defines, shapes and fills in eyebrows. These pencils are multipurpose, some can be used to fill in brows, as a brow highlight, as an eyeshadow base, as an eye highlight or as an eyeshadow color.


You’ve seen it 1000 times, brows that look unnatural. The brows we poke fun at often look like
stickers. The skin around the brows is heavily concealed, the brow color itself resembles clip art
with the brows faded towards the inner eye and becoming darker as you move towards the
outer corner. This is not the standard for beautiful brows. Many would agree that this is not how
brows are supposed to look. This pencil duo will help anyone learn how to create natural, well
groomed brows.

Milani’s Brow and Eye Highlighter is a dual ended pencil. One end has a matte cream color
whose main purpose is to fill in the brows. The other end is a shimmery cream to powder
formula with light diffusing pigments to give the area right under your brows a natural glow.
There are three different pencils in this collection Vanilla/ Natural Taupe, Matte Cream/
Luminous Lift and Matte Beige/ High Glow.

matte cream high glow


Matte Beige/High Glow is by far the most versatile of the trio. Matte Beige is a french vanilla shade with a creamy texture and a matte finish. This end can be used for eyeshadow base or an an eyeshadow. High Glow is a golden champagne shade with a creamy texture and a shimmery finish. High Glow can be used as a highlighter (I highly recommend this one) under the brow area or in the inner corner of the eye. I’m deeply in love with this pencil and high glow works so well on women of all skintones.

Matte cream luminous lift


Matte Cream/Luminous Lift is the next duo set. Matte Cream is a slightly pink toned white with a creamy finish and a matte texture. Like Matte Beige, it works well as an eyeshadow base or as a stand alone shadow.  Luminous Lift is a slightly pink toned highlight with a creamy texture and a shimmery finish. Luminous Lift looks more natural under the brow when blended than High Glow, especially if you have pink undertones.

vanilla natural taupe


Vanilla/Natural Taupe duo is not like the others because Natural Taupe is not a highlighter at all. Vanilla is a yellow toned white shade with a creamy texture and a matte finish best used as an eyeshadow base or eyeshadow. Natural Taupe is a medium toned brown with a hint of taupe. Natural Taupe has a creamy finish and a matte texture. Natural Taupe works well as a brow filler, eyeshadow base, or eyeshadow.

Overall these are must have pencils for the price range and quality. When the matte shades are used as bases, they last about 8 hours on the eye before they start to fade off a bit. There was no creasing at all. The highlight shades last about the same time range, in the 8 hour mark, before they start to fade.

Milani Cosmetics Brow And Highlighter duo pencils retail for $6.49. You can buy them directly from, but you can also check CVS and Walgreens to see if they are in stock.

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