Milani Cosmetics Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick Swatches

Milani Moisture Matte (3)


Disclosure: Contains press samples

Milani has been teasing me since August 2014, when they released a sneak peek of their newest creation, Moisture Matte Lipsticks. Of course this got everyone excited and that day has finally come, they have been released! On the heels of the epic 30% off sale Milani is running, I wanted to get these swatches out sooner than later, so you can stock up and get what you need.

Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipsticks are not Milani’s first time around the matte block. Once upon a time, Milani made a line of lipsticks called Milani Moist Matte lipsticks and they were eventually phased out. I remember then being around, but I never bought them.

The new line, Moisture Matte, is a collection of 8 shades that promise hydration while giving you the super trendy matte finish that you love at a fraction of the price.  So are they worth the buy? You decide!

The packaging remains the same as the rest of the Color Statement collection- beautiful gold tubes that love to attract fingerprints. Nothing to rant or rave about there, it’s a tube and I know how to polish it when I want to photograph them.

There is one noticeable difference between these and the regular Color Statement line and that’s the smell. Milani’s lipsticks in the Color Statement line smell like melons. Moisture Mattes have a beautiful scent of vanilla, and it is not strong or overpowering.

Let’s get to some swatches shall we? I’m not going to talk dupes or similar shades, we will do that in another post, but I will let you know which ones are friendly for black girls! Also let’s give a shoutout to my daughter Willow, she let us borrow her arm again!


From left to right: Matte Innocence, Matte Naked, Matte Blissful, Matte Diva, Matte Orchid, Matte Glam, Matte Passion, Matte Confidence


Milani Matte Innocence

Matte Innocence is a cool toned nude

Milani Matte Naked

Matte Naked is a warm toned nude


Milani Matte Blissful

Matte Blissful is a cool toned pink


Milani Matte Diva

Matte Diva is a warm toned, medium pink


Milani Matte Orchid

Matte Orchid is a warm toned fuchsia pink


Milani Matte Glam

Matte Glam is a warm toned eggplant purple


Milani Matte Passion

Matte Passion is a warm toned orange red


Milani Matte Confidence

Matte Confident is a warm toned red

A large portion of these lipsticks are warm toned, which is great for me personally. I really couldn’t get into Matte Innocence and Matte Blissful on a personal note. They are cool in tone and work better for light to medium skin tones. Matte Naked works best for a nude lipstick for black women. Matte Glam was definitely the shade I was most interested in, but once I swatched it, I was not all that impressed. My favorite turned out to be Matte Passion.

Because of the integration of grapeseed oil, they end up with a semi-matte texture, but obviously not as drying  as a true matte. These lipsticks are super hydrating for a matte textured lipstick.  Wear time averaged 8 hours which is pretty darn good.

Milani Cosmetics Moisture Matte Lipsticks retail for $5.99 each. Check Walgreens for special displays and purchase online if you can not find in stores. These are really hot right now, so if you can not find them, don’t cry! They are permanent!

Milani Moisture Matte (1) Milani Moisture Matte (2) Milani Moisture Matte (4)

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3 thoughts on “Milani Cosmetics Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick Swatches

  1. Megan Glazer

    I absolutely love these! My favorites are Orchid, Confidence, and Glam. It’s good to know that they are permanent…at least that lets me try one and go back for more 🙂


  2. Kerissa

    I fell in love immediately after seeing a review on YouTube. I picked up Glam, Innocence and Blissful. #happylips


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