Milani Cosmetics Enchanted Topaz And Enchanted Ruby Swatches

Milani Bedazzled lipsticks

Disclosure: I received a press sample

Milani enchanted lipstick swatches

Milani Cosmetics Bedazzled collection features lipsticks, constellation gel liners, and nail lacquers. Today I have for you quick swatches of Enchanted Topaz and Enchanted Ruby lipsticks. I am on the hunt for Enchanted Amethyst, so when I find it, I will get back with you guys.

Enchanted Topaz is a rosy nude. This is actually a perfect nude toned lippie for me, but the problem is the texture. It is so dry on the lips, you will find yourself wanting to slap a balm on top for some hydration. It was a crème finish with a matte texture.

Enchanted Ruby is perfect. It’s a true to description ruby red with a matte finish and creamy texture. Surprisingly, it is not as drying on the lips as Enchanted Topaz, but still has the undeniably gorgeous matte texture.

Milani Enchanted lipsticks retail for $6.49 but hurry, they are limited edition and you can find them in Walgreens and CVS.

Milani enchanted lipsticks

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3 thoughts on “Milani Cosmetics Enchanted Topaz And Enchanted Ruby Swatches

  1. Hodor

    These and the Bedazzled eyeliners are on Milani’s website now. Enchanted Amethyst for some reason isn’t on there


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      hmm weird.


  2. Cosmetics Aficionado

    Oooh I think I need Enchanted Topaz. What a pretty nude!


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