Milani Cosmetics Lash Trifecta Mascara Review/Before And After

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Milani Cosmetics Lash Trifecta

Milani Cosmetics Lash Trifecta is a 3 in 1 mascara that claims to lengthen, curls and separates. This mascara features a flexible brush that claims to grab and stretch even the shortest lashes. Also, the curved shaped brush claims to lift, and curls lashes. So let’s dig into this new mascara and see what’s happening!

Packaging is a teal, 0.28 oz tube with a black twist cap. This mascara is easy to store and easily can be tossed into any makeup bag with ease.

The mascara itself is a carbon black with a matte finish. It has that light, signature mascara scent that most mascaras have. The formula does extraordinarily well coating each lash and providing length.

Milani Cosmetics Lash Trifecta

Milani Cosmetics Lash Trifecta

The wand is curved with a tiny ball on the end with more mascara bristles to grab tiny hairs. The stopper at the top of the tube does a great job (almost a little too great) wiping excess mascara off the brush, leaving just a small clump of mascara at the end. I found it important to wipe that excess off on the end because I couldn’t efficiently grab those little hairs. The wand did an excellent job with separation; curling? Not so much.

Overall I was impressed with this mascara’s ability to give my lashes length and separation, but it was not a winner in the curl department. I found that my longest lashes did not curl at all while the shorter ones did. I was in love with the excellent definition, and its ability to grab the tiniest lashes.

Milani Cosmetics Lash Trifecta lasts without smudging or flaking for 9 hours.

Before, no mascara
Before, no mascara


Milani Cosmetics Lash Trifecta
After, Milani Cosmetics Lash Trifecta, 2 coats


So does it slay my fave? Of course not. So the hunt continues for a mascara that can knock Maybelline Rocket Volum’ Express from the top spot.

Milani Cosmetics Lash Trifecta Mascara retails $7.99. Available at Walgreens and

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