Milani Cosmetics Sparkling Mascara Top Coat Swatches And Review

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Just in time for the holidays, Milani Cosmetics has created a top coat mascara to put a little sparkle in your holiday.  Sparkling Mascara Top Coat is described as a glamorous sparkling mascara top coat that adds a beautiful shimmer to lashes. The gel based formula allows for easy, even application.  Let’s check out my review, swatches, and photos of the mascara.


Milani Sparkling Mascara Top Coat is packaged in a 0.32 ounce tube with a gold cap.  The tube is very thin and slender. Sparkling Mascara Top Coat comes in three shades: Bronze Glare, Silver Gaze, and Golden Eyes.


The formula is a gel that contains glitter. The glitter itself is very fine milled. The concentration of glitter is not dense at all.  It’s very scattered, which makes for scattered application.


The difficulty level for applying this mascara is moderate.  It works better if you apply using just the tip of the wand to the lashes. You will find that using the entire wand itself will distribute glitter in small amounts.

It was my goal and mission to be honest in my review, and not pack on a ton of glitter and make you think that if you buy this, you are really gonna get that much glitter on your lashes. No. If you want really glitzy lashes, it’s going to take about 3 coats or more using the tip of the wand only.

The mascara is buildable and it’s feasible to wait on each coat to dry before applying another. It does not leave the lashes hard and crunchy.

This topcoat works better with a mascara under it. You are asking for a headache trying to apply on bare lashes. It just adheres better.



Silver Gaze

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Bronze Glare

Milani Sparkling top coat  (2)

Golden Eyes

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From left to right: Bronze Glare, Silver Gaze, Golden Eyes

Milani Cosmetics Sparkling Mascara Top Coat retails for $4.99. You can find these on Milani’s website, and select select CVS, HEB & Fred Meyer stores

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2 thoughts on “Milani Cosmetics Sparkling Mascara Top Coat Swatches And Review

  1. Tiyana_P

    In your opinion, is this worth the purchase?


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      That answer really depends on what you are looking for. I would personally not go out and buy these, the glitter is not concentrated enough for me and it requires too much building. But to be honest, most glitter top coats are like this one.


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