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What is pigmented like a lipstick, but lasts like a stain and shines like a gloss? Milani Power Lip! Earlier this year Milani Cosmetics debuted this new innovative product to the world and it took me all of eight months to get around to reviewing it!

Milani Power Lip is the product for those laid back days when you want to wear a lipstick, but you need it to last, but you want shine like a gloss, but you want it to be comfortable.

Milani Power Lip is packaged in a 0.09oz tube. It’s small enough to go everywhere you go. The top pops off to feature a precision lip brush. Twist the body to dispense the stain.  It takes about 50 individual clicks before you hear that little crackle of glory that is the stain coming out of the middle of the brush.

Friendly suggestion the brush applicator is a little stiff at first, so rub it on a towel before you dispense product for easy application.

Quick thoughts about the line

  • The texture of the gloss stain is smooth and creamy.
  • They have a shiny glossy finish.
  • Every color lasts roughly six hours
  • All but one of the six I tested applied and wiped clean easily
  • They are not heavy on the lips
  • They do not feather


Milani Power Lip Swatches

Note: shades are top row from left to right (1st three names); bottom row from left to right (last three names)

  • Red Control is a bright, warm toned poppy red
  • Macaroon is a true cool toned pink
  • Pink Lemonade is bright warm toned strawberry pink  (this is the only one that stained my lips pink after I took it off)
  • Raspberry Tart is a warm toned mauve
  • Creamy Café is a warm toned rose brown
  • Mango Tango is a warm toned coral orange.

Milani Power Lip Gloss stain retails for $6.49. Find it on, CVS, Walgreens and Target.

Which Milani Power Lip Gloss made your wishlist?

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2 thoughts on “Swatched It! Milani Power Lip Gloss Stain

  1. KatchKenda

    I am gagging over Mango Tango and Raspberry Tart. Must haves for me.


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      Raspberry tart is my fave too!


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