Millennial Thoughts On Anti-Aging

We often hear the term anti-aging when talking about beauty or style products. We hear it in all of the ads and see in on all of the products that we buy or see in stores. It is easy to understand why it is such a big thing. I mean, eternal youth seems to be something so many people crave. But is getting wrinkles such a bad thing? Is ‘aging gracefully’ better or is that just an excuse for doing nothing to help your skin or appearance? All interesting points to consider, right?



First of all, we need to think about what we are taking into our bodies, rather than what alone is being applied to the outside of our bodies. Natural beauty products are a massive thing right now. Plus, people choosing to eat many superfoods and generally taking better care of themselves, or at least being more conscious of how they are treating their bodies. So you do need to think about what you are ingesting. Does it have to be all kale and chia seeds? They certainly wouldn’t harm, right? But just make sure that you stick to a balanced eating plan, and avoid as much refined and processed food as you can.

Drinking plenty of water is key too, and it often gets forgotten about. But if our bodies are dehydrated, then they can’t function correctly. Not only that, but it will dehydrate our skin. When your skin is dehydrated, and you are getting older, it will more than likely lead to wrinkles. Just trying to rehydrate your skin from the outside, using something like a moisturizer will not be enough. So having a healthy eating plan in place from early on is key to be able to age gracefully in a more natural way.

Don’t get me wrong, though; there are plenty of things that can need a little help as we get older. If you are a mom and have nursed, for example, then the chances are that certain areas of your body might have seen better days. I personally don’t see the harm in wanting something like a breast augmentation to get things back to how they used to look if that is something that you want. If it helps you to feel more confident as you get older, then why not? Sometimes we do need a little help along the way, whether that is through a treatment or surgery, or from a beauty cream.

The key thing is to not become reliant on those little things that can help us along the way, isn’t it? If we think we have to have the certain product or certain treatment as it will solve all of our problems, then we’re doing it for all the wrong reasons. So as we look after ourselves as naturally as possible, making sure we exercise, eat well and avoid things like tobacco, then it will make a big difference to how well we age. What do you find works for you?

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Aprill Coleman is an award-winning beauty, lifestyle and wellness blogger and freelance writer based in Jackson, Mississippi.

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