Mixed Chicks In The Mix Dual Quick Stick Swatches And Review


Rummaging through my emails, I discovered that Mixed Chicks would be releasing a line of foundation. It’s no secret that Mixed Chicks is one of the original brands to create a line of hair care products made for curly hair textures.Fast forward to today and let me introduce you to Mixed Chicks is one of the original brands to create a line of hair care products made for curly hair textures.Fast forward to today and let me introduce you to Mixed Chicks In The Mix Dual Quick Stick Foundation:

When trying to find the perfect foundation in a stick for your skin, many women have a hard time finding that perfect shade that blends well and suits her tone. For women of different ethnicities, the choices have been less than optimal… until now! With Mixed Chicks new Dual Stick you can mix and blend 5 color shades to find your perfect sun kissed look that will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth with perfect blended color! PLUS! The all new Dual Stick is the only makeup stick that offers foundation and bronzer all in one! Dual Stick will enhance your natural beauty without going over the top with tons of makeup that you don’t need. Whether you are a professional woman on the go, or a mom who needs to take kids from soccer practice to dance class, enhance your natural beauty with Dual Stick!

Let’s get to the swatches shall we! Please note that the foundations have names and the bronzers do not. So what you are seeing below is a close up of the foundation, a close up of the bronzer and a swatch of the foundation to the left and bronzer to the right:

Timeless Tawny





Sultry Sand





Alluring Almond





Heavenly Hazel




Banging Bronze





My biggest rant is seemingly the limited color range: The line only features five shades: Sultry-Sand (light), Timeless Tawny (med-light), Alluring-Almond (med), Heavenly Hazel (brown) or Bangin’ Bronze (rich brown). There’s a good chance that you will fit into one of these five shades, but there’s also a chance that you will not. On the flipside, when you look at most brands, take Maybelline, for example, their shades for women of color only span 4-6 shades. So maybe it’s not a bad idea after all. Nevertheless, I wish there were three or four additional shades.



We can definitely rave about the formula. It is ultra creamy, smooth and applies like a dream. I have not encountered a foundation stick with such a smooth formula in a long time. It’s like butter. If you are looking for heavy coverage, this is your foundation. While this foundation provides heavy coverage, it is seemingly weightless and does not feel heavy on the skin. The finish of the foundation is dewy, which I love. I did test and use Alluring Almond. In Mississippi heat with a primer, this foundation lasted about 10 hours before it started to crease around the eye area.

We can also rave about the bronzers. Kudos to the developer that created a bronzer that compliments the each foundation shade. It really eliminates the guesswork in finding a bronzer that suits you best. Of all the bronzers, the one included with Banging Bronze was gorgeous. I can see a dark skinned woman applying this and having such an ethereal glow.

I can also rave about the price. $23 for a foundation/bronzer combo is really nice. Find these sticks on mixedchicks.com right now.

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