New Kid On The Block: Murad Acne Spot Fast Fix

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New to the skincare world is a spot treatment that just may put another popular spot treatment to shame. Murad Acne Spot Fast Fix claims to effectively clear acne breakouts with a gentle soothing formula.

Now there is something you should know. Before the launch of this product, Dr. Murad was not a fan of Benzoyl Peroxide because of the potential irritation it causes. But after doing with Dr. Murad does best, researching and innovating, he found a way to make Benzoyl Peroxide productive without compromising the integrity of the skin.

This technology is a unique new delivery system, called Hydrophase, and along with Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide, it allows the BPO to penetrate the skin and provide powerful spot treatment without the irritation that is commonly associated with BPO. Acne Spot Fast Fix helps reduce pimple severity in as little as 1 day* and can be added to any existing regimen.

I wanted you to sneak a peek at this new product, but a review of this product and comparison of another popular spot treatment that I swear by is coming soon!

Murad Acne Spot Fast Fix retails for $16.00 for 0.5 FL. OZ. Pick it up on the Murad website

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