Does Nail Butter Have What It Takes To Replace Lush Lemony Flutter?

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Now that the weather is FINALLY cooling down, it’s time to set your attention toward cuticle care.  Soon it’ll be cool and dry, which means split and dry cuticles are coming.  However, with Nail Butter, it doesn’t have to be this way!

I’ve been using Nail Butter regularly for the last couple of months.  I’ve grown a bit attached to it, so much more that it’s replaced LUSH Lemony Flutter on my work desk.  That is a huge compliment to the product…I’ve used and loved Lemony Flutter for over 6 years.


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Nail Butter is all-natural, with the following ingredients:  lanolin (wool wax), beeswax, natural emulsifiers (sodium borate, cetyl alcohol), oil of mustard, aloe vera extract, grapeseed oil, and gardenia oil.  Per Nail Butter’s website, it is a nail treatment that enhances circulation to the nail matrix and helps maintain moisture balance in nails and cuticles.

The best results I’ve had with Nail Butter also involves cuticle oil.  I apply a small amount of oil to each cuticle, rub it in, then rub in a little bit of Nail Butter.  I find that my cuticles still remain moisturized, even after a couple of hand washings.  You don’t need to use very much product at all to retain moisture.

The scent I received was Lemongrass, but the original scent is Gardenia.  At first, I found the scent to be a bit strong, but I’ve gotten used to it.  It’s got a more herbal scent versus the Pledge-like scent of LUSH Lemony Flutter.

My nails are at their longest in years and my cuticles are now neat with minimal nipping.  Considering it’s the main cuticle product I’ve used lately, it’s partly thanks to Nail Butter!  If you have chronically dry cuticles like me, it’s definitely worth a try!

Nail Butter retails $24, purchase Nail Butter at

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