Open Discussion- Did You Know Your Nail Salon Could Be The Danger Zone?

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I was watching The Doctors last week and there was a lady on the show that contracted Hepatitis B from her nail salon. She actually got it from a salon out of town, and had no clue she contracted the disease, until she became ill.

Or the 13 year old from Jackson, Ms– she went to a nail salon to get a manicure (read: false nails) last August and she has had plastic surgery performed on her nail from a fungal infection. An attorney advised the teen’s grandmother that they cannot sue, because they had no receipt proving that service was rendered there.

Over the years, there have been more and more horror stories with the freshly manicured and  infected finger pointing in one direction- Nail Salons. So what can you do?

Check for the obvious– The one thing that you should look for first and foremost is the general cleanliness of the salon. Are the floors nasty? Workstations unkempt? Bathrooms nasty? Do the nail techs have food and drink in their work area? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, there’s no need to move forward. Walk out and find another nail salon

Ventilation– Nail salons are full of chemicals, if there’s no proper ventilation chances are your biggest health worry wont have a thing to do with nail infection, you will probably have respiratory problems.

Certification– Once the salon has passed the test for cleanliness and ventilation, let’s look for a license. It should visible. If you don’t see one, it’s time to go.

Evaluate your tools– Nail salons should be doing one of two things- sterilizing their tools using an autoclave or using a disinfectant (like tuberculocidal). In addition, nail techs should not be using the same file over and over again on the same client. Remember the guest post by my friend Christine that went to Bellacures? Let’s review:

When Tanya was completely done with my nails, she asked me if I’d like to keep the file and buffer that she used on me. “Otherwise, I’ll throw them away” she said. They don’t reuse these items on customers. Wow!

Your nail tech should be doing the same. Ask before your service how they sterilize tools, and how they handle nail files and buffers.

Check your tech– Does she wash hands after every client? Does she have visible signs of fungus on her nails? If so RUN! Don’t ask, just run.

Bring your own polish– Some nail salons are cheap as hell. They may keep the same bottle of polish on the rack for over a decade, putting you at risk. Bring your own polish to the salon to cut your risk of infection and fungus.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself– Shit  happens ladies and gentlemen. The chance that you may walk in to a perfect salon and leave with an infection is possible. And you may be the blame. If you have wounds on your hands or cuticles, skip the salon. You are susceptible to infections.

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5 thoughts on “Open Discussion- Did You Know Your Nail Salon Could Be The Danger Zone?

  1. lalaG

    also… if your getting a pedicure…never shave your legs before hand. you might have tiny cuts that you dont know about and if the tubs arent clean…
    im getting sick thinking about it.


    1. GGGarbage

      excellent tip!!


  2. Melody

    I so agree with this, artical and it's one reason why I don't go to the nail salon now. I'm so afraid of catching something. When I do go I always ask them to re-clean the foot bowels because I want to make sure I see them doing it.
    My recent post Miss Professional Nail Sation Nail Lacquer in “Tiki Punch”


    1. GGGarbage

      Right! Writing this reminded me how much I dont like the salon! yay for DIY!


  3. Tamara

    This is a great article! I've been on the hunt for a good spa because the salons just aren't cutting it for me any more.


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