NARS Holly Woodlawn Swatches, Review and Fast Facts!


From the Andy Warhol inspired collection for NARS Holiday 2012 collection comes Holly Woodlawn Larger Than Life Lipgloss.

The color is described as a bright orange red. Keep reading for swatches, the review, and discover the face behind the name Holly Woodlawn.

Holly Woodlawn is a super glossy, jelly textured lipgloss.  The color reminds me of a bright candy red, with a touch of pink. Not necessarily orange red. Pigmentation is decent, the more coats you apply, the deeper it gets, but I honestly didn’t get the opaque color I was expecting.


The brush is very small for my big lips, it’s actually kinda small for the smallest of lips, so application is not going to be a breeze. I do understand the reasoning behind the smaller brush- more precise application.


There’s no reason to sit here and chatter about how long it lasts- it lasts about as long as your standard gloss.

In the end, it’s a really beautiful gloss, it’s versatile so you can use it alone as a gloss, or you can pair it with your favorite red lipstick for a candy top coat. (I would personally love to use this with MAC Lady Danger)

Who is Holly Woodlawn?


(wouldn’t it be great if this was the inspiration behind the gloss? LET’S PRETEND! I mean look at how similar the colors are!)

I am intrigued with Holly Woodlawn! She’s a Puerto Rican transgendered actress who stared in two of Andy Warhol’s films- Trash, and Women In Revolt. I think it’s safe to say that she is one of many actresses that paved the way for transgendered actresses in entertainment and film.

Fave quote:  “I hocked some jewelry and … made it all the way to Georgia, where the money ran out and … had to hitchhike the rest of the way” (to New York)

Holly Woodlawn Larger Than Life Lipgloss retails for $26. It will be available October 1 at Sephora and

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  1. Melody

    Ohh! That is a gorgeous orange- red lippie! Now swatch it on those luscious lips!
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