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NARS premiered the Spring 2014 gifting line which included an epic eye palette full of nudes, the NARSissist Eye palette, and there’s the NARSissist Cheek Palette.

The Cheek Palette is equipped with two blushes and a bronzing powder: NARS Devotee, NARS Orgasm (cult fave) and NARS Laguna. Also included in the kit is a travel sized Blush Brush (#20).


NARS Devotee is a blush (better to call it a highlighter that I’ve never seen before and it threw me for a look. I’ve dedicated my life to loving Satellite Of Love and here comes Devotee. It’s an awesome illuminator to use to illuminate the skin, or highlight the cheek.  Devotee was also featured in the Guy Bourdin One Night Stand palette, but I missed out on that one. Devotee is a frosty white shade, but with proper blending, the frost will not hurt you at all. The way it reflects off light is beautiful.

NARS Orgasm is of course an iconic and cult shade. Orgasm is the shade that every girl wants but I never really needed because of my skintone. Orgasm does not really show up on me, well at least the blush does not. I do own the illuminator, multiple and blush because…..addict. Orgasm is a shimmery peachy pink.

NARS Laguna is a bronzer I am not familiar with and for good reason. Like Orgasm, the powder bronzer does not show up on my skin very well. It’s a brown with a golden shimmer. Very pretty, but not for me. Laguna is a brown with gold shimmer.

The NARS Blush Brush (#20) is my first brush from NARS. Sad I know but I plan on doing better this year. The blush brush does very well for blending out the blushes and bronzer for a perfect look. #20 also does a good job  picking up blush.

So is it worth the buy? I think it depends on your skintone. Devotee will work on everyone, Orgasm does well on very dark or very light skintones, but me, nah. Laguna will work well on lighter tones for contouring.

NARSissist Cheek Palette is available exclusively at Sephora and beginning February 1st


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21 thoughts on “NARSissist Cheek Palette Swatches, Review, Photos

  1. AliceinNappyland

    I wish NARS would come out with custom trios for blush. Every time these sets come out I need to pass because 2/3 colors wont WORK on me -___-


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      You need it for Devotee though!


  2. Anastasia

    Ooh, that’s a lovely trio! I’ve been eyeing products from the Spring collection, and can’t quite decide which ones to buy.


  3. Kim Porter

    It’s a beautiful palette but not for my skin tone. I do use the NARS Casino bronzer.


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      I think that’s the bronzer I need.


  4. erikatheicyone

    I want this palette. I was interested in the shadow palette but after the scathing reviews I have heard and read about that one, I am going to pass on it.


  5. TinaBowling

    Very nice palette, still not sure why they include Orgasm in just about every single one though.


  6. Honeygirlk

    Ooh – this is a nice palette. 🙂 I like it. Great review. 🙂


  7. Cosmetic Sanctuary

    Great review! I love this palette


  8. Phyrra

    Aww I had no idea Orgasm didn’t work for you. I love it and Super Orgasm.


  9. Farryn

    Such a stunning palette!


  10. Miranda Mendoza

    Glad they added an illuminator to the famous laguna/orgasm duo!


  11. Mai

    Man I’m disappointed that the blush and bronzer barely showed up on you at all


  12. MyNewestAddiction

    I went in looking for it yesterday.. I should have red the press release better and noticed it wasn’t out yet! *headdesk* 🙂


    1. GlitteryGlossy



  13. Amber

    It’s great they put these favorites in one palette! I’m one of those rare people that can’t pull of Orgasm either. It just doesn’t look great on me. I Love Laguna though! The highlighter is gorgeous! 🙂


  14. Ange

    OHHH I need this!!


  15. Nidia Doherty

    Wish I could take this off your hands! lol. I love peachy-pink blushes. I’m glad you explained Devotee – I would have been wondering what the heck kinda blush that was!


  16. Betzy Carmona

    I want the eyeshadow palette can’t wait for it !


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