Neutrogena Quietly Added More Shades To Their Healthy Skin Foundation Line

Something big happened…. and Neutrogena didn’t say a word.

I created a list two years ago of brands that did not include shades of foundation for black women and unfortunately, Neutrogena made the list. Adding Neutrogena to the list left me conflicted because I am a blogger ambassador for the brand and I am a black woman. I was always able to use Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation, but I did not use it much nor shout to the rooftops about the product because my sisters of darker skin tones couldn’t go out and purchase it for themselves. There was really no point in talking about it.

I was beginning to get used to the fact that Neutrogena did not make shades for black women though it was illogical considering there have been a few black brand spokesmodels past and present (Gabrielle Union, Kerry Washington and Queen Latifah to name a few)

Then it happened. I reached my boiling point when Neutrogena sent me a package in the mail. Neutrogena worked with 25 influencers to pick which foundation was best: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation or NARS Cosmetics Sheer Glow Foundation. They included two bottles of their foundation and a card with results from the ‘study’. There was only one problem…


Now as you can see, Neutrogena was polite enough to respond by telling me that something new was coming to their cosmetic line, which I assumed at the time was deeper foundation shades.

That time has arrived. Deeper shades were added about a week ago, and Neutrogena didn’t make a prominent announcement about it. I actually noticed the new addition from a WOC Instagram account:




Which leads to problem #2- They only added four shades. I can say for sure cocoa, chestnut and caramel are new additions, but I’m having a hard time figuring out what the 4th shade is.

Four foundation shades, no promotion using their black blogger ambassadors, and no mention of it to the masses. How will the new additions to the Healthy Skin Foundation range do well and no one knows about them? Even though the brand added only four shades, it was a cause for celebration, because black women have such a hard time finding foundation shades from brands they like or are interested in trying. And at least they tried, most brands turn their heads and continue to ignore us.

Neutrogena, you should have been shouting this achievement from the rooftops.

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2 thoughts on “Neutrogena Quietly Added More Shades To Their Healthy Skin Foundation Line

  1. Alice

    Is the fourth new shade is Honey? It’s not listed on Ulta’s website…


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