Spa At Home: Nivea Escape Challenge + Giveaway


In this box  everything you need to make a Grande escape.  First, let’s create the scenery. Flowers, a fragrant candle, comfortable shoes to lounge in, and a hot refreshing shower.


Normally yeah, my shower routine is rushed. With 5 rambunctious children, it’s very hard to relax. So taking a two week challenge in which I had to relax was a challenge indeed. But I pulled though, and Nivea Touch of Frangipani helped me make it though.

Frangipani (Photo credit: mwalters2004)

Some of you may know, but a few of you may not, Frangipani is Plumeria, a flower native to Hawaii. Now I tried to find some of those flowers to create a great escape, but there were none on So I had to go another route and find a flower that was fragrant and that I love just as much as the Plumeria.

Gardenia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gardenias. I love those. So I have my flowers, I have my body wash, and after a long day. I have no problem scooting around the house in flip flops, so I have those as well from Havaianas. Relaxation time.

Nivea Touch of Frangipani features the Hawaiian Frangipani scent and sunflower oil pearls to leave your skin soft, refreshed, moisturized, just overall beautiful.  I noticed softer, happier skin after using this body wash. The scent is very soft and gentle, it’s not overpowering and it did not irritate my sinuses. It makes a luxurious lather, rinses clean and leave my skin fragrant and fresh.

Now I’m going to give you a chance to escape and relax by giving away a Nivea Escape Challenge Kit. Inside:


  • 16.9oz bottle of Nivea Touch of Frangipani hydrating shower gel
  • $50 gift card to
  • One pair of flip flops from Havaianas

There are only two entry methods- Comment and tell me what you do to escape life’s everyday stress, and/or subscribe to my weekly email newsletter. Ready, Set, Go!

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35 thoughts on “Spa At Home: Nivea Escape Challenge + Giveaway

  1. Heather ツ

    I find painting my nails or reading a good true crime book to be the best way to escape stress. I mean….other than a vacation… 🙂


  2. Maria J. Cardoza

    Shopping Sometimes Helps, but if not then Taking a Long Bubble Bath with Candles Also Helps.


  3. Amy Orvin

    I escape with a nice hot bubble bath or some chocolate!



    I’m a sucker for beauty products and I typically wear no makeup at all on a daily basis, so I actually “play” with makeup when I need to relax and give myself some “me” time. That or other forms of beauty pampering like face masks and hand scrubs (the whole deal) or surprisingly…..cook or bake. 🙂


  5. Tabathia

    I take a hot shower, grab a romance book and soda and curl up on the couch

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com


  6. kolpin

    i’ll get a massage once in a blue moon.

    rafflecopter: daniel


  7. whittikere

    I play lots of tennis!


  8. sohamolina

    I get a kiss from my daughter.


  9. disqus_BiwvqmlbI6 is going bigger and better! Join the revolution! Don’t miss the launch of TNC 3.0 05|08|13


  10. latanya t

    read a good book


  11. kelly

    I have a cup of coffee and read.


  12. brandy caruthers

    I take a hot bath and read a romance novel.


  13. Mary W

    I play outside in the fresh air with my dogs and enjoy being together. They make me laugh every time!


  14. Lorna England

    I sit on the patio, under the trees with a glass of sweet tea!


  15. Stephanie G

    To relax and escape I like to take walks, read, watch a good movie, go shopping, take a bath or go on a date with my husband!


  16. julimi

    I go on runs!



  17. Donna

    Spending time with my family.


  18. Jamie C.

    I always escape from the stress of my day by taking a long walk in the park or taking my bike for a ride. I also like to listen to music while I do a facial mask whenever I am stressed out.


  19. courtney

    Excercise helps me!


  20. Marie

    I destress with exercise, a bath and then old movies.


  21. Harmony B

    Hide in the bathroom and take long bath


  22. Shanta_C

    I like to go in my bedroom, close the door, and watch a movie with my headphones on.


  23. Ashley

    i go for a run or plan some fun stuff with a few friends.


  24. Carol Yemola

    I go for a Pedicure! Get myself pampered and forget about the daily grind.


  25. Donald Almendarez

    Take a hot steamy bath!


  26. Claudia - iliketotalkalot

    I escape by painting my nails…..or a loooooooooong hot shower. No one can bother me when I’m in there. I can finish my thoughts. And I love being in hot water. Nuff said. My total escape is the shower


  27. Heather Adkins

    I have a 3 year old, so I tune the television to Peppa Pig and get a half hour to myself on facebook.


  28. sarybell

    get a nice coffee, listen to jazz and blues and hug my black lab


  29. lisa mcfarland

    me time riding the exercise bike


  30. Angie B.

    I like blogging or holding my baby


  31. Linda

    I take a hot shower after taking my baby puppy for a walk


  32. Laura Lynn Cagnina

    since the only guaranteed alone time I get is in the shower I escape by taking the longest. showers. ever. Never mind the bill, this momma needs her steam sessions…o.O


  33. Prasert

    Play my guitar


  34. AmandaSakovitz

    I take a long hot bath!


  35. Thomas Murphy

    I take walks to escape.



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