It’s Not Slim Pickings! Dressing Skinny

We’ve all been there, and there’s always something we’ll get perfect on that night out or that summer day. And whether we spend ages getting that perfect body or hiding unsightly bits, it’s always going to be difficult. But there are some tricks up our sleeves, and we need some great ways to hide those unsightly bits, especially with summer firmly upon us. But remember, even the most glamorous stars need some help hiding some bits they’re not happy with, even those that have a personal trainer and dietician on tap! Here are some secrets you can use to look great while hiding the bits you’re not too keen on:


Your Belly

The first port of call when it comes to unexpected weight gain. Whether it’s post pregnancy, or we’ve had too much to eat around our birthday, the fat will always show up in that area, so the best thing to buy to make the most of trimming down the appearance of your tummy is shapewear. A shaping bike short that is high-waisted doesn’t just help with the belly, but it also reigns in the hips and thighs too. A tip though: don’t get clothes that are too fitted in that area, it’s best to go up a size and have them tailored to fit your dimensions.

On Top

Once you’ve got your tummy tightened, you can go for a waist dress or pick a choice of A-line dresses, these tend to go over the stomach nicely, rather than cling to them. When picking the right accessory to go with them, belts are always suitable, but big belts, not a corset belt or a string-thin one. There are plenty of cute online clothing boutiques that have A-line dresses that are full of pretty summer patterns, and when it comes to cute clothing for summer that is practical, maxi dresses always work a charm! Whatever your shape, an A-line dress is always flattering.



What Color?

If you want to look flattering, there is only one color to go the distance, black. A black dress that fits perfectly is always the secret weapon to looking great, however lacking in confidence you may be! Wear a black short sleeve or a ¾ length sleeve that is fitted at the waist. But don’t go baggy, and while it’s always tempting to do this to disguise certain parts, it will always make you look heavier.

Other Hints

Looking tall and thin is the goal for a lot of us, and the little hacks to get this include wearing one color to make you look thinner. Then go for the shoe department, the right shoes will not just physically add height, but they will give that appearance of slenderness too. Kitten heels help with adding some height, but make sure you don’t wear shoe boots with skirts as they cut off the leg! Darkness will always be your friend when trying to appear thinner, even with tighter clothing, this will be the key to achieving that thin look while hiding the bits you’re not too proud of.


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