Off Track: Coping When Life Goes Wonky

You may have had your life planned out since you left kindergarten, but sadly things rarely tend to go the way we want them to. Whether it’s not being able to move into a bigger apartment, needing to go back to school to pursue your dream career or watching your friends get married and have kids when the only person waiting for you at home is your cat. Sometimes, you win, and that’s great, but quite often life ends up knocking you flat on your back when you least expect it.


Pain Helps You To Grow

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So you didn’t get the big promotion at work or your partner forgot your anniversary- again. It can be hard to admit that things are tough, but by missing out on a significant opportunity, you’re forced to examine your career. Maybe this is no longer the right workplace for you if you’re hard work, effort, determination and team spirit has gone unnoticed. Did Jenny get the gig because she’s got more experience? Is better qualified? Or because management believe she’ll get results? You can either redouble your efforts in the hopes of winning another role or come to terms with the fact that it could be time to move on. Don’t burn your bridges by quitting, wait until you find something else and never forget what that role has taught you.


Nothing Lasts Forever

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This realization is both a sad, and happy one because we’ve all had those moments, or days that we wish could last forever as well as those times that we would do pretty much anything to fast-forward. Life is fast, everything is temporary, and the thunderstorm will eventually stop and give way to blue skies once again. You can recover from addiction, find happiness after having your heart broken and heal again after being hurt. Remind yourself that nothing in life comes easy and you, just like everyone else, never knows what’s round the corner. If things are rough be kind to yourself, go for walks, eat healthily, lie in bed watching Disney movies or call a psychic phone number you found on at the bus stop, whatever helps! Just because you’re grieving doesn’t mean you can’t smile, or even laugh if something funny happens.

Don’t Dwell Instead Do

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It’s fine to sit around in your pajama’s for a few days eating ice cream out of the carton, but sooner or later you’ll need to get yourself together. It’s better to attempt going to the store, getting dressed and realizing you’re not ready so go the corner shop down the road instead of ordering takeaway again. Venting can be constructive but once you’ve finished complaining do something about it. If you feel lonely go out and make new friends. Struggling to lose weight? Join a gym, sign up for a Zumba class or go for a long walk every day- anything that’ll get you off the sofa and moving around! Don’t be put off about the perceived failures of yesterday, look at tomorrow as the first day of the rest of your life and take no notice of anyone who has anything negative to say.

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