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Your skin is the largest organ on your body, absorbing just about any product that it comes in contact with. Now think about the potentially harmful chemicals in your skin care products: preservatives, synthetic fragrances, and dyes. If you are seeking to ditch the products that may be potentially carcinogenic, give Olive Natural Beauty’s skin care line a try.

Olive Natural Beauty, a skin care company based in Northampton, Massachusetts, provides an affordable and natural solution to skin care. Olive Natural Beauty products has 100% natural and organic Mediterranean extra virgin olive oil, the shea butter is sourced from the Abanga Karite Fair Trade Shea Butter Cooperative and Allafia Fair Trade. Every product you receive is handmade by Jess, founder and CEO. Jess was nice and sent me a few products to try as well. Keep reading to check out the products I received, and how you can help turn this one woman show into one of under 50 skin care companies in the world to be USDA certified organic.

Goddess Glow Body Scrub in Sweet Fennel ($25)SAM_0172

Massage away dead and dull skin! Goddess Glow body scrub combines organic cane sugar, mineral packed dead sea salt, jojoba, almond, and extra virgin olive oil with the sweet and savory scent of fennel to create a wonderful scrub. I’ve never smelled a product that contained fennel, so I am delightfully surprised. The scrub is multi-textured, and honestly that makes for a better scrub because it properly exfoliates without damaging the skin.


Savior Salve in Radiant Rose ($15)


Savior Salve  has the ability to save the day. You can use it as a cuticle cream, a lip balm, or as a moisturizer to touch up on  those dry patches. I have all but replaced my hand cream with Savior Salve. I have severe eczema on my hands, and it truly buys me more time to have soft, smooth hands. Try this one time and you will come back for more! The intoxicating scent of rose and cocoa butter is glorious. I must have more of this.

The Olive Bar in Lemon and Lavender ($10)SAM_0177

The Olive Bar is a handmade bar soap  has a very light and refreshing lemon scent that combines with lavender to create a lively yet relaxing scent. This is a great bar soap to use in the morning as a pick me up (or wake me up). It’s sudsy and fresh!

Other Products and Scents

In addition to the products listed above, ONB offers Bathing Beauty Tub Tea, Lip Balm, Natural Beauty Mist, and Clarifying Candles. Most products are offered in one of five scents, Radiant Rose, Sweet Fennel, Refreshing Rosemary, Oat and Honey, and Lemon and Lavender.

How to Help ONB

The funds from our campaign on will be used to produce and distribute the ONB product line (This includes supporting us in the creation, packing, shipping, educating, and EVERYTHING it takes to deliver ONB products to our community), source the highest grade ingredients from organic farms within the U.S., launch new products, and help Olive Natural Beauty become one of under 50 skin care companies in the world to be USDA certified organic!

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