OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass Swatches And Review

OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass

Hey everyone!  I’m a bit late to the party with this collection, but I hope you have your tea set ready!  OPI has released another Alice movie tie-in collection.  I’m not going to lie:  I was determined to hate this collection…I will elaborate at the end of the post why.  However, OPI has redeemed themselves with the quality of their cremes, so I can’t complain too much!


OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass - A Mirror Escape

A Mirror Escape (2 coats):  white glitter in a gold shimmer base


OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass - Fearlessly Alice

Fearlessly Alice (1 coat):  cerulean blue crème


OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass - Having A Big Head Day

Having A Big Head Day (1 coat):  hot red crème


OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass - I'm Gown For Anything

I’m Gown For Anything (2 coats): lilac crème


OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass - The I's Have It

The I’s Have It (2 coats): powder blue crème


OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass - Mad For Madness Sake

Mad For Madness Sake (1 coat):  fuchsia pink crème


OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass - Oh My Majesty

Oh My Majesty! (2 coats):  pearly white with gold shimmer


OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass - What Time Isn't It

What Time Isn’t It? (2 coats):  silver string glitter in a charcoal crème base


OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass - What's The Hatter With You

What’s The Hatter With You? (2 coats):  burgundy crème

There are three one-coater polishes in this collection.  That’s pretty fantastic!  I was most impressed by Fearlessly Alice due to it’s utter vibrancy.  The lighter crèmes are a bit more finicky, but not shabby with 2-coat coverage.

The glitters are a mixed bag for me.  I was completely repulsed by A Mirror Escape.  When will OPI learn that glitter in a shimmer base is a recipe for disaster?  They obviously haven’t learned from last spring’s Pineapples Have Peelings Too, a rainbow glitter mess in yellow gold shimmer.  However, I was drawn to What Time Isn’t It.  I like the contrast of the silver glitter against the dark charcoal base.

The collection’s lone shimmer, Oh My Majesty, is a bit finicky for coverage.  I got it in 2 coats, but it may be better with a third.  The effect is worth the effort…it has a delicate golden shimmer that sets it apart from other whites.

Why was I so determined to hate this collection?  I’m first and foremost, a polish collector.  Back in 2010, OPI released a movie tie-in collection for the previous Alice movie, Alice In Wonderland.  Two of polishes from that collection are also two of my all-time favorites, which says a lot in a collection that’s north of 2000 bottles.

OPI Alice In Wonderland - Absolutely Alice

Absolutely Alice (3 coats):  blue glitter with gold accents


OPI Alice In Wonderland - Mad As A Hatter

Mad As A Hatter (3 coats):  multicolored glitter in a predominantly silver/purple base

I have such high standards for OPI because I’ve seen what amazing polishes they’ve released in the past.  The main brand I collect is OPI, especially vintage (pre-2005).  It’s by and far the most represented brand in my collection.  I understand that it’s probably far easier to manufacture crèmes and shimmers, but OPI, throw us a bone sometime and give us another Absolutely Alice or Mad As A Hatter!

If you like these glitters, you’ll probably also like the OPI Burlesque collection from holiday 2010.  There are 6(!) complex glitter polishes similar to the Alices.  Unfortunately, you’ll have to pony up some cash for these beauties.  The Burlesque glitters tend to be under $20 on eBay, Absolutely Alice is around $30-$40 on eBay, and Mad As A Hatter tends to be around $50.  If you see these rarities for a decent price on a blog sale, I’d snatch it up!

Even though it’s not 2010’s Alice In Wonderland collection, I’m fairly satisfied with Alice Through The Looking Glass.  I would definitely pick up the 1-coater crèmes, especially Fearlessly Alice.  These are limited edition, so get them while they’re still available!

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