OPI Mustang Swatches And Review

OPI Mustang

Disclosure: This review contains press samples

I have to be up-front about this fact:  I’m not a fan of Ford Mustangs.  My husband is a car aficionado and I used to accompany him to the local cars and coffee meet-up every Saturday morning…one thing we noticed at these meet-ups and at car shows were the abundance of Mustangs and Corvettes.  It’s not really a knock on those vehicles, but their prolific status makes them almost an American cliché.

Fortunately, OPI and Mustang did create a collection perfect for top-down summer driving days!  There’s an interesting assortment of shimmers and cremes that will last until the cool fall nights.

OPI Mustang 2014 - 50 Years of Style

50 Years of Style (two coats) is a gold chrome polish.  There are brushstrokes but they’re not a total dealbreaker.  If you’re a fan of nail art stamping, this polish has the perfect formula.

OPI Mustang 2014 - Angel With A Leadfoot

Angel With A Leadfoot (two coats) is a stark white crème.  If you remember painting your nails with Wite Out while bored in class, this has a similar effect.  If you are careful, it will be opaque in two coats.

OPI Mustang 2014 - Girls Love Ponies

Girls Love Ponies (two coats) is a fun, bright pink crème.  It’s a saturated darker pink that’s perfect for summer pedicures.

OPI Mustang 2014 - Queen of the Road

Queen of the Road (two coats) is a frosty black shimmer.  Don’t let the f-word scare you; the brushed look actually complements this polish.

OPI Mustang 2014 - Race Red

Race Red (two coats) is a red-orange crème.  I find the name to be a misnomer since it is obviously orange.

OPI Mustang 2014 - The Sky's My Limit

The Sky’s My Limit is a blue polish with green/gold glass-flecks.  This is similar to OPI Catch Me In Your Net and Zoya Charla, both outstanding polishes from summer 2010.  The Sky’s My Limit is bluer than CMIYN and Charla, with finer glass-flecks.

A little known fact:  this isn’t OPI and Mustang’s first rodeo together…their first collaboration was in 2005.  However, if I remember correctly, that collection was mostly red-heavy and I’m glad they thought outside the box for 2014.

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