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This is a story about Taylor Paige Storch. Beautiful girl, her life was cut short during a tragic skiing accident. This left her parents with a hard decision to make about donating her organs. Though their grief was immeasurable, they decided to give the gift of life.

Taylor’s organs went to a number of different people in need: her heart to a 39-year-old mother of two in Arizona; her pancreas and one kidney to a 49-year-old husband and father in Colorado; her other kidney to a 33-year-old man in Colorado; her corneas and liver changed two other lives in other parts of the country. Taylor’s Gift Foundation was created to honor Taylor’s many talents and gifts, and especially her ultimate gift: life for others.


OPI partnered with Taylor’s family to create OPI Taylor Blue. Taylor Blue is a teal blue with a jelly finish. It’s absolutely gorgeous and works well with two coats. This lacquer was created in an effort to increase organ donation registrations.


In the event that I die, I am a registered organ donor. There are millions of people waiting on an organ, waiting on life, waiting on a gift. I would be more than happy to re-gift life, re-new health and restore families, the sole mission of Taylor’s Gift.

You can find more information about Taylor’s Gift on their website. There is a store that sells t-shirts and a book about Taylor’s life. All proceeds go to multiple places that revolve around organ donation– scholarships, organ donation awareness, speaking engagements and financial assistance.

Are you an organ donor? Would you like to become one?  Click here to find more information and register to donate in your state.

Paint it forward by purchasing a bottle of Taylor Blue (when they re-stock). I will have more information on availability soon. *edit*  OPI Taylor Blue will be available again November 21 and going until December 23.

**I have respect for people that choose not to donate organs because of their religion or beliefs in general so please accept my apology in advance if you find this post offensive.**

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