Overworking Can Be A True Danger, Here’s How To Avoid The Urge


There are some that struggle to keep up with their daily duties, due to being overwhelmed, experiencing depressive symptoms, or a whole range of issues that would be better off addressed. But if one extreme exists, you can be sure the other does. Overworking yourself can be a true danger, both in your personal and professional lives, and certainly in regards to how you view your schedule.

But how do you settle your fiery spirit, when all you want to do is succeed? Well, remember, before anything else, you are a human. We might adopt the labels of our career, or our personal lives, but when all is said and done, we only have who we are to truly define ourselves. Simply put, you have to ensure you look after number one if you hope to be much use at all, to anything or anyone. Thankfully, noticing that you have a habit of strenuously trying to ‘fix the world’ each day and instead learning when it’s time to relax or get the help you need can be just as useful as learning self-discipline.

Get A Full Check Up
If you speak to your doctor, you will be able to book a full medical check up provided you are willing to pay for it. It can be truly worthwhile to do this. From top to bottom, getting a clear picture of your health can ensure you catch issues before they become a real problem, or gain advice in living more healthily from top to bottom. It might be that since an injury sustained years ago, you haven’t been as mobile as you could have. This might be harming your active work duties. It might be you finally realize the need to find a knee replacement surgeon at this stage, and when all is recovered, coming back to work might feel much less difficult.

Sometimes, stress can lead to strange physical symptoms. If you find that this is the case, heading to a full checkup to ensure these problems aren’t caused by something nefarious but are instead a symptom of lifestyle can help you both feel slightly relieved, and also more dedicated to your stress busting. A word on that below:


Stress can be a true killer. Stress raises your cortisol levels, and having a high amount of this can often lead to strange physical symptoms such as losing hair, breaking out in rashes, anxiety and nerves, or a range of other issues you might not be aware are related. You’ll never be able to fully remove your stress in life, but you can be sure to minimize it and manage it in safe levels. Dedicating yourself to fitness can often help lower your blood pressure, and help you safely shed that stress in the presence of physical effort. You’d be surprised just how well this can work.

Eating right, staying hydrated, sleeping enough and giving yourself enough time to head into work can all help you dramatically too, as well as lessening your vices such as smoking or drinking. However, sometimes, it’s the job that’s doing it. Asking for less hours if they’re getting ridiculous might get you somewhere, or potentially finding a measure of changing up your workflow could be important. For example, if you’re a business leader doing everything yourself, learn how to defer responsibility to those under you, and shed some of the difficult work.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

If you believe every inspirational quote found on Instagram, you’d likely think you’d have to work every single day, take no time off, always be refining who you are and potentially find a means to better yourself with each passing second. Of course, that’s not possible. You can improve and embody the spirit behind these messages by working more intelligently, however. Learning how to automate the smaller issues at your workplace, how to apply great attention and detail to the most pressing matters and also learning how to take breaks to help your working output become more productive is important.

Find A Work/Life Balance

Of course, you can’t have everything. It’s almost impossible to be a parent or one without much in the way of spouse support and still be the top of your field. If you can do both of those, your social life is sure to be non-existent. If you manage all three of these matters expertly, then you’re likely going without sleep, so it won’t stick around for long. As humans we all have to specialize our time and apply ourselves to that which is most important, which means considering the most important implements in our life.

But it doesn’t mean you need to run yourself ragged trying to support everything. For some, a career, family life and one hobby are all they have time for. Often it’s not about how much stuff you can fit into your weekly schedule, but how well they can nourish and sustain you. A solid 40/50 hours a week working, attending a martial arts class twice a week and enjoying time with your family could be considered among the best setup possible.

Ensure that for every 2 units of your day, however you might measure that, you apply 1 unit of recreation or relaxation, even if that’s just gently getting your headspace back together for the work you must conduct. With that in mind, you’ll find yourself an ample opportunity to get better and feel better about your current circumstances.

Something You Believe In

There are different kinds of work we all take part in. For a start, working in something you believe in can be truly nourishing to the soul, and is quite worth experiencing from top to bottom. This doesn’t feel like work. It feels like part of your life. However, working in something you hate will feel like cold drudgery, and this makes things worse and worse. Ensuring that you develop yourself effectively in this direction can help you grapple with these feelings and problems, and hopefully reduce your stress levels.

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