Painful Hugs Are A Thing Of The Past With Violet Iodine


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Violet Iodine, all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own

Hugs are great when I’m getting them from the right people. My anxiety gets to be too much at times, and a hug is exactly what I need from my husband or my children after a long day of stress. Hugs are a universal language of love, and they come with so many benefits.

What sucks is when those hugs hurt. Know what I mean ladies? One common symptom of PMS, pre-menstrual syndrome is breast tenderness, and it’s a common complaint amongst women. Hormone levels fluctuate before the menstrual cycle and level off by the time the menstrual cycle ends.

I know what you’re thinking- but Aprill, you had a hysterectomy, you still have PMS and breast soreness? Oh absolutely. My PMS is not as bad as it once was, but the fluid retention and breast tenderness is still all mine. So I’m trying something new. Violet Iodine.

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Violet Iodine is a once a day, non hormone, non prescription pill that alleviates breast tenderness, aches, swelling and heavieness associated with the menstrual cycle and overall breast health. I will be trying this over the next 30 days and reporting back with my thoughts. Because let’s face it, #HugsShouldntHurt. Check out Violet Iodine by visiting

Thank you Violet iodine and Blogger Babes for this wonderful opportunity. Let me know what you think by tagging #HugsShouldntHurt on Facebook and Twitter.

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